MURPHY’S LAW: AIRBHG Strikes again, State Baseball, Lochte’s Grill

murphys law
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By John Sears

AIRBHG (All Iowa Running Back Hating God) strikes again. You honestly cannot make this up.  Cursed, stupid, however you want to label it, its hard to believeDe’Andre Johnson, was arrested Saturday night for speeding (60 in a 25), AND eluding police.  This arrest comes just 2 days after Johnson was charged with disorderly house.  Kirk Ferentz has suspended Johnson from all team activities.  The Sophomore is now in Ferentz‘ dog house, the question is will he ever get out? Johnson was 2nd on the RB depth chart.  As of now the starter is Damon Bullock.  After that……………..Anyone?  Paging all incoming freshman RB’s, you WILL play. 

Penn State 3rd string QB Rob Bolden is apparently thinking about transferring to LSU.  Somewhere Nick Saban is laughing.

Ankeny won its first baseball state title in 20 years Saturday night.  The Hawks dominated at state and may be one of the best teams ever. 
Martensdale St. Mary’s pitcher JD Nielsen put up one of the best performances of all-time at state. Nielsen threw a no-hitter to lead the Blue Devils to a 3-peat, not sure it gets much better than that. 

NBC continues to get ripped apart for the ‘tape delay’ coverage of the Olympics, and deservedly so.  The odd thing is viewership is at an all time high.  What that tells me is people don’t care about knowing results, they want to SEE the results.  I still don’t understand why NBC can’t broadcast the main events live AND in Primetime? 

Speaking of the Olympics.  Swimmer Ryan Lochte has a grill.  No, not a Weber, a diamond crusted American flag ‘grill’ for his teeth.  I smell sponsorship all over this.   


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