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AMES, Iowa — If you’re one of the thousands planning to be outside of Jack Trice Stadium tailgating before the 3 p.m. CyHawk game Saturday, you may see the newest addition to the Cyclone pregame party, the Cybulance.

Former Iowa State football player Kyle Starcevich and his friend Anthony Burriola went in on an old 1989 Illinois ambulance for sale online and completely transformed it into a prime tailgating vehicle.

“We were looking for something to tailgate in over the springtime and we were looking all over Facebook and Craigslist and came across this ‘89 Ford F-35 ambulance and it was $1,800 bucks and we were like ‘let’s do it’ so we bought it and brought it home and our wives had no idea that we bought it. It’s been a fun project ever since.”

It has all the bells and whistles featuring a turf floor, swiveling big screen TV, and plenty of party storage. They put thousands of dollars into it, but say it was all worth it getting to use it for the first time during the season opener and now again for the CyHawk game.

“We were on Beach Avenue and a lot of people were driving by and slowing down to take a look at it with our speakers and TV going and tents and stuff. We had a lot of people checking it out and walking through it,” Starcevich said.

They hope this is a tailgating vehicle that will be in their families for years. For Starcevich, Iowa State football really is a family affair.

“I was a player there from 2013-17 and now my little brother, [Shane] is a walk-on there as well. My other brother Luke was a student coach while I was there for three years so it’s been a family thing for us and definitely get to tailgate now which is a lot of fun because I didn’t get to experience that for the five years that I was there so it’s been a lot of fun for our family to enjoy Iowa State football up there for years,” Starcevich said.