Polk City Ready to Kick Off RVTV Monday

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POLK CITY, Iowa — Polk City’s town square is getting completely revamped Monday morning, making way for RVTV. At 6:00 a.m. crews were already setting up barricades and signs to block off the town square that will quickly turn into one big CyHawk party.

Starting at 4:00 p.m. there are going to be inflatables and activities for families including things like face painting. At 5:00 p.m. they will start CyHawk rivalry games between citizens and local businesses and at 7:30 p.m. the band Drive 35 is going to take the stage for a concert to finish off the night.

“It’s a fun event where it brings businesses together, the community together, and the people from outside to come showcase Polk City,” Brigett Devos, Polk City Chamber of Commerce member said.

Polk City is excited about the opportunity. It’s the town’s first time hosting RVTV. Mayor Jason Morse said in the past 10 years their population has almost doubled and now thanks to RVTV, they have a chance to show off everything they have to offer.

“As that growth has continued North, and in all areas of Polk County quite honestly, but as it’s continued North we’re definitely a piece of the metro and excited about that and excited for our school,” Morse said. “They were kind of up here in the middle of a farm field if you will and now they are a part of it, and being a part of this I think is going to be really neat for this district.”

“From the economic development standpoint to bring people into Polk City, to see how much it is fun here, and to have people in Polk City actually communicate amongst each other, it’s really a fabulous thing,” John Calhoun, Director of Polk City Development said. “Somebody is going to be here and say ‘I want to start a business in Polk City’ or ‘we need to come here more often and shop’ or anything like that. It’s contagious.”

Within the town square, there are tons of local businesses getting ready for all the fun including Fenders Brewing. It’s been in Polk City for about a year and a half offering a wide selection of locally brewed beer. They have been prepping for this day for weeks knowing there’s going to be tons of people here, especially in their brewery because it’s the host for CyHawk trophy.

The trophy will be on location in front of a backdrop so everyone can get their picture. Plus, they will be the site of a screening of the brand new documentary called the “Birth of the CyHawk” at 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Fenders says it’s days like this where they are glad Polk City is their home.

“I knew the potential of Polk City. I knew it was growing. I figured what a spot to be at and they do a lot of fun events throughout the year and it’s great to be right on the square,” Steve Crann, co-owner of Fenders Brewing said.

RVTV will make its way North to Ellsworth on Tuesday. It will finish off the week in Rockwell City, Humboldt, and then Ames.


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