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HUMBOLDT, Iowa  —  The long journey for a Pasquale’s pizza to your freezer begins with a trip down the conveyor belt in Humboldt, Iowa.

“As each pizza comes underneath the belt there, it drops the proper amount of pepperoni, per pizza,” says Kyle Rierson with Pasquale’s Pizza.

The business started 35 years ago at Marvin Stockdale’s ‘Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant’ in Humboldt.  The business started with free slices.  “We`d just walk into a bar and cook pizzas and give them away!”, says Dave Stockdale, Pasquale’s owner and Martin’s son., “Once we get them to try it, normally, we`ll have a customer.”

Taverns liked the idea of a pizza that could be stored in the freezer, then cooked behind the bar. The people liked the taste.

What distinguishes one frozen pizza brand from another is really the sauce. Pasquale`s is made here fresh each Monday.  “There`s more flavor in our pizza, I feel than any other frozen pizza that`s out there,” says Rierson, “You`re not gonna get a bland sauce, you`re not gonna get another cardboard crust.”

The flavor is locked in with a plunge into the cold..

“Once we`re in the blast freezer, the pizzas stay in here for about two hours,” says Rierson.  They’re then boxed up and moved again to storage.

The business now has even more room to store frozen pies before they ship out.  They’re main facility has about 5,000 square feet of storage space.  But their new facility has 16,000 square feet of space.  That means more pizzas and hopefully more vendors and more trucks.