PLAYING SMART: I-Cubs’ Players At School

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Being a top baseball prospect and having a college education don’t always go hand in hand.

Many players leave college early, or don’t go at all. But the I-Cubs have two players trying to buck that trend.

Kyle Hendricks is one of the top pitching prospects in the Cubs’ organization. The 25-year-old has shown flashes on the mound, but now has another notch on his resume he can brag about.

Hendricks, went back to school in the off-season to get his degree from Dartmouth in economics.

“I had four classes to finish, wasn’t hard to be honest. Different getting in the swing of things going to class doing homework. Nobody really likes to do it but I had to get it done. I’m glad I finished,” Hendricks said.

Chris Rusin recently threw a no-hitter.

The 27-year-old is almost a college grad, he has one more class to get his agriculture economics degree from Kentucky.

“I was there four years, no reason to come all this way and not get it. It would be stupid for me not to get it.”

Even though its just one class he’s not really looking forward to it. “Absolutely it will be hard, even for one class,” Rusin said.

But he knows it needs to get done.

“You never know when your career is going to end. When it ends you need to be ready for the next chapter in life to get that degree you’ll be ready for it.”


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