MURPHY’S LAW: Vacation Slide Show

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I just finished a working vacation. And by working vacation, I mean I did absolutely no work whatsoever. From the time we left Iowa, I never turned on a cell phone, television, or computer. I did use my Kindle Fire to read books, but that’s only because the Kindle Fire is so awesome. I also did play my ipod, but that was because Van Morrison wasn’t playing the beach in Mexico.

I’ve come a long way on unplugging. My friends (Andy) and family (Jenny) told me a couple years ago I needed to leave work behind. My doctor also mentioned that 10-12 hours a day on a computer was giving me carpal tunnel. It was needed advice.

The lone downside is when we get back, I have to stack the Des Moines Registers and USA Todays in chronological order, read them, then do the same with the nightly newscasts on the DVR (I recommend the channel 13 news at ten). This takes most of my Sunday morning and afternoon, but I show up for SoundOFF with a clue.

Not enough of a clue to blog though. Instead, it’s a vacation slide show! Right. Try to contain your excitement. I withheld a few pictures to protect the innocent. And me.

Our home in Beaverdale. No wait, this is Cabo.
I wonder what Andy and Chris are up to in Iowa?
You can buy hats in Mexico. Jenny looks adorable in this one.
Cabo Wabo, aka overrated tourist trap


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