MURPHY’S LAW: USA blowout, Baby blowout, Bieber is late

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By: John Sears

Team USA beat the United Arab Emirates 140-46 in the opening game of the World University Games on Sunday.  That score is not a typo.  Iowa’s Aaron White scored 16 points, Creighton’s Doug McDermott added 15.  9 players scored in double figures.  Why in the world is UAE in this tournament?  Seriously?  There are 196 countries in the world, just 24 are represented in the WU games.  Are you telling me they can’t find a better team than the UA Emirates?  Now I don’t know all the criteria and I’m sure there is a reason why they’re in the tourney, but the bottom line is they shouldn’t be.  Team USA just beat them by 94 points.  94 points!!!

Competition ramps up for Team USA, Czech Republic Monday morning bright and early at 4am on ESPNU if you want to watch.

It’s 10:15 Sunday night right now as I write this.  Justin Bieber has yet to take the stage at Wells Fargo Arena.  I used to think it was somewhat cool when he was ‘discovered’ on Youtube way back when.  Not anymore.  He’s turned in to a wannabee ‘gangsta,’ a tatted up, 5’7″ 120 pound douche.  Yes I understand little kids love him, he has ‘catchy’ songs for youngsters, but I wish he would go away like Hanson.  In fact I’d rather go to a Hanson concert than waste my time with Bieber.

Bieber finally took the stage, no apology for being 2 hours late.  Classy.  Does he realize 90% of his fanbase has bedtimes before 11?  Look at these pictures how can anyone like this guy, seriously?

Andy Murray can now be referred to as ‘Sir’ Andy Murray.  Murray is the first British man in 77 years to win Wimbledon.  Talk about pressure…The last time a British man won Wimbledon was 1936, the year sunscreen was invented.  That’s the same year Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in Berlin in front of Hitler.  Pressure.  Murray didn’t crack.  I’m not a tennis fan, but the mens Wimbledon final does it up right.  Something tells me Murray will never have to buy himself a drink ever again.

Bobby Bonilla is still being paid by the Mets.  When I read this story I couldn’t believe it.  Every July 1st Bonilla gets paid $1,193,248.20 by the Mets.  The payments go through 2035.  It’s due to a deferral clause from when the Mets bought out the final year of his contract before the 2000 season.  Read the story, you’ll understand…

If you have 20 minutes watch this story from ESPN.  Incredible. One of their best ever.

We ate at Pancheros tonight for dinner.  My son Jack had his first ‘public blowout.’  And by ‘public blowout’ I mean straight out the side of his  diaper.  Luckily he was on my wife’s lap:)  Sorry hon…Thanks Jack!  We aren’t mad, how can we be mad at a face like this?

jack smile 2


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