MURPHY’S LAW: Tuesday Scattershots

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The streak is over. Des Moines East wins on the road at Martensdale-St. Mary’s, 4-3. The Blue Devils won 88 straight baseball games, second most in history. That’s American history. 88 in a row in baseball shouldn’t even be possible, but the Devils did it. The streak ends one shy of the record, so it’s a tough time to see it end. Credit Des Moines East. Yes, the Scarlets are 4A, and St. Mary’s just 1A, but St. Mary’s can hang in any class. (Minor props to Zach Borg who said he thought East might wreck the streak, and therefore his trip to Martensdale Wednesday to see a new record.)

Monday night, ESPN. Tuesday night, HBO. Lolo Jones is everywhere. As you’d expect from Mary Carillo, her feature story on Lolo was terrific. Lolo’s life story is fascinating, with more chapters to come. The hype focused on the discussion about Lolo’s virginity, which made me uncomfortable to watch, but she’s always been an open book, and she’s not changing now.

I can’t imagine a world where you can spend as much time and resources on one story as HBO does, but I’d like to live in it. We sent dozens of clips of Lolo, as requested. Two made it into the story.

The NBA playoffs will be more interesting with the Heat around for at least two more weeks. That’s going to happen.

The Barnstormers Rodney Filer says he’s done after this season. The former Hawkeye has 10 touchdowns, and 3 injuries. He’s also 38. Filer sure seems like a good guy.

It’s always disappointing, though predictable, to see fans defend giving an athlete another chance largely because those fans want to win. I’m not surprised many Cyclone fans don’t think receiver Albert Gary allegedly robbing someone at (BB) gunpoint is reason for dismissal. He’s good. I’m sure they’d feel differently if a loved one were on other end of a gun not known to contain BBs. At least Gary served a three game suspension. That’s more than he would have coming at some schools.



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