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  • It’s 1:30 a.m. and I’m just getting home. I’ve been editing videos for SoundOFF 800. Our 800th episode is Sunday night as we return to one hour for football and basketball seasons.
  • Video in the pre-HD era now looks 20 years old, when it’s often times only three. Over 16 years, my hair gets thinner and grayer, while my voice gets deeper. Meantime, Andy looks and sounds the same. Seriously. Hassel changes more in five years than Andy does in 10.
  • It’s fun to look back. Some of the videos lose context over time, so they get dropped. Others hold up well. One thing that comes through, I’m fortunate to work with rare talents in Andy Fales and Chris Hassel. Their work often holds up at any level, and unlike bigger markets or networks, they’re doing it without the benefit of writers or producers or much time.
  • B-Ross has a great laugh. A great laugh is underrated. It makes everyone enjoy a moment more. He’s one of the veterans of SoundOFF. I’m the only one left from show one in January of 1997. Chad “Old Spice” Kendall has directed for many years, unless he’s watching Tony Stewart. Our MVP might be Jennifer Allison. She does the graphics you see on the show, and some weeks we pile up an unreasonable amount of requests. She never complains. She smiles and does a great job.
  • Our videos Sunday night will include: Early Years (with Round Guy as co-host for first six years), You Might Be A Hawkeye/Cyclone, Mixed Nuts, What’s Bugging Andy? (which started long before Andy was named co-host), Halloween, Cooter Ray, Stivers Spoof, Dolph & Ed & J-Dub, NPR Sports Cache, Hazzle Dazzle Skits.
  • As always, if you have any questions about SoundOFF, or anything else, you can post them here, or send me an email to
  • My wife, Jenny, is going to Florida on a “girls trip”. I encourage these long weekend mini-vacations. They’re good for the soul. She’ll be back in time for SoundOff 800. There’s a chance I’ll still be editing.


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