MURPHY’S LAW: Opening Ceremonies, Hawkeye Combat, Spotted Cow

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By Chris Hassel

It’s opening ceremonies night at the Olympics. I always forget that the Olympics actually begin before the opening ceremonies. Soccer competition started a few days ago and, this morning, Des Moines’ Miranda Leek began competition in archery. Leek helped the American’s place 2nd on day one while she placed 14th individually. 

Lolo Jones just tweeted this picture. Probably going to be a different Olympic experience this time around. 

Shawn Johnson is going to appear on Dancing With the Stars “All-Stars”. This news would excite me if I had any interest in watching people dance on TV. 

The Iowa Hawkeyes are going to wear Nike Pro-Combat Uniforms, this season. No joke! I never thought I’d see Iowa participate in this new fad, as long as Kirk Ferentz lived and breathed in Iowa City. I was wrong. I’m starting to like the new Ferentz. One of my main criticisms of him is that he refused to change anything. He was way too stubborn. “It’s a sign of the times,” Ferentz said. 

Unfortunately, Iowa’s uniforms won’t look like this rendering from BHGP. The uni’s are reportedly going to be grey on grey.

I went to the State Baseball Tournament for the first time since Tuesday, today. Didn’t need the Gold Bond. Very exciting. 

Fresh off his trip to the boundary waters, Andy is once again headed north. He’s visiting his parents for a week in Wisconsin. I can’t complain. He promised to bring me back a case of Spotted Cow. 


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