MURPHY’S LAW: Old Steve, Young Tom, Live Lobster

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By Chris Hassel

The John Deere Classic is shaping up to be pretty exciting on Sunday. The two biggest names in the field are in the top 3 with history on the line. I’m sure most fans will have a hard time deciding who to cheer for between Iowa’s own, Zach Johnson, and 3-time defending JDC champ, Steve Stricker. Both consider this their “home tournament”, though neither are from Illinois, where the tournament is held. I would rather see Stricker become the 6th golfer in 150 years to win a tournament four straight years. Stricker is 45. He doesn’t seem that old, but in 5 years, we’ll see him at the Principal Charity Classic. Hopefully the PCC will still be in Des Moines.

“Young” Tom Morris was the first to accomplish the feat, at the British Open from 1868-1872 (there was no Open Championship in 1871). The poor guy died at the age of 24…on Christmas, no less. 

Young Tom died one year before the Chicago Cubs came into existence.

A lot of people wonder why the John Deere Classic can’t ever lure golf’s biggest names to the Quad Cities. The answer is simple. The British Open is held the week after. The JDC is in a terrible spot on the schedule. There aren’t many people who want to compete in the US just days before the one major championship, overseas. Hopefully, someday, the JDC can find a better spot on the calendar, but don’t hold your breath. 

JDC coverage ended about 20 minutes ago but I haven’t changed the channel in the sports office. I’m 18 minutes into a 30 minute infomercial for the CD, “150 Romantic Classics”. They’re showing some vintage footage of Kenny Rogers — back when he had his original head. 

I’ve heard “Moon River” at least 11 times. I found out, last night, that whomever sings that song is from Wall Lake, Iowa. I can’t remember his name and I don’t feel like looking it up. 

I’ve always wanted to try lobster at a nice restaurant, but I’ve never had the courage to do so…until Friday night. I ordered a 1 1/4 pound “Live Main Lobster”. When they brought it to me, it was dead.

I did something else, Friday, that I’ve always wanted to do. I purchased a Lacoste shirt. I’ve loved the little alligator logo since I was a little kid. Unfortunately, it’s Lacoste is about the most expensive brand of clothing you can buy around here. I decided to go with the t-shirt over the polo, to help cut costs. I wore it to work today — and promptly spilled coffee down the front. Luckily it didn’t get on the gator. 

Several of my friends are at the Cityview Brewfest, at Principal Park, this afternoon. They keep sending me pictures of themselves downing my favorite drinks. I don’t respond well to taunting. 


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