MURPHY’S LAW: Iowa Bball Schedule, Stupidity Strikes Early in College Football, I-Cubs End Early

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By: John Sears

  • The Big 10 released the conference basketball schedule on Thursday.  There’s no doubt the Hawkeyes have one of the easier non-conference schedules in recent memory.  But have you seen their Big 10 slate?  Yowza.  Check out their first 7 games:
    Mon. Dec. 31 Indiana IOWA CITY
    Sun., Jan. 6 at Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich.
    Thurs., Jan. 10 Michigan State IOWA CITY
    Sun., Jan. 13 at Northwestern Evanston, Ill.
    Sat., Jan. 19 Wisconsin IOWA CITY
    Tues., Jan. 22 at Ohio State Columbus, Ohio
    Sun., Jan. 27 at Purdue West Lafayette, Ind.
    Not sure it gets any tougher than that.  At least 5 of the first 7 Big 10 games will be against ranked teams.  We’ll see quickly how good Fran’s team really is. 

  • College football is officially here.  It feels like I’ve said this 10 times, but it’s here. 

  • Want to see the leading candidate for worst, most bone-headed play of the year?  Check this out.  It’s only day 1. 

  • I’m heading to Soldier Field this weekend to cover the Hawkeyes against Northern Illinois.  PLEASE no rain.  Can’t we just have a nice overcast 75 degree day?  Is that asking too much?  Come on football gods. 

  • Remember MiKa’il McCall?  He scored 3 TD’s for Southern Illinois in their opener.  AIRBHG strikes again, sort of…

  • RVTV starts on Monday in Greenfield.  This is my first year on the tour.  My predictions.  Lots of work, busy, lots of unhealthy eating, more work, late nights, not much sleep.  I’m ready, I hope.

  • The Iowa Cubs are having one of their worst seasons ever.  The season has ends early.  The final 4 game series at New Orleans has been cancelled because of Hurricane Isaac.  I don’t think any of the Cubs players will complain. 

  • My daughter is addicted to applesauce. I guess there are worse addictions.


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