MURPHY’S LAW: Football Friday, CIML Power, Online NFL Courses

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By: John Sears

Football is BACK!  It may just be week zero and only a handful of games but football is here and I for one couldn’t be more excited. Football is a great sport to not only cover, but watch.  Our first ‘Football Friday’ show went well, it all got on the air, and looked good.  That’s a success in my book. 

By the way the CIML is loaded this year.  Valley, Ankeny, Dowling, SE Polk, Johnston, Urbandale all have legit teams.  Valley is the #1 team and the favorite, but I won’t be shocked at all if someone pulls off an upset.  Loads of talent in Central Iowa.

Really IOC?  Possibly stripping Michael Phelps of his medals because he posed in some Louis Vuitton pictures?  Come on.  I understand rules are rules, but did posing in the pictures help Phelps swim faster?  I doubt it. 

The NFL has replacement refs.  The ‘real’ refs better hope they really mess up.  Otherwise what’s the point of giving the ‘real’ refs their jobs back?  Ed Hochuli is doing 600 push-ups as we speak just so he’s ready when he gets the call.

The NFL is now requiring any fan who gets kicked out of a game to take a 4-hour online course before they are permitted to enter the facility again.  With all the crazy stuff people do at games, I’m all for this.  NFL games are supposed to be a place of fun, a place to take kids for the thrill of a lifetime.  Not listen to ‘Joe Schmoe’ reel off ‘F’ bombs and start fights in the crowd.  Good work NFL.

I went to the state fair this week as a ‘normal person,’ not working the WHO booth.  Still love the food.  It’s pricey, but I knew that going in.  ‘Big Time Rush’ was performing.  Apparently that’s the new up and coming boy band.  I did not go to the concert, but the screaming teenie-boppers could be heard from at least 5 miles away.  That I am sure of.   


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