MURPHY’S LAW: Chippe-what?!?!, Boo Birds Out, Jok the Hawk

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By: John Sears

Ok, where to start, where to start…Oh, I know Iowa football.  What an embarrassment.  I was at Kinnick Stadium and witnessed the disaster brought on by mighty Central Michigan.  Or should I call them the Chippewas?  No matter how the Iowa players or coaches want to spin it that loss is one of the worst in Kirk Ferentz’ tenure.  Brutal.  Absolutely brutal.  Fans have every right to boo, and they did.  Iowa should NEVER, and I repeat NEVER, lose to a team from the MAC.  It’s unacceptable.  There’s a reason a team like Central Michigan is on Iowa’s schedule, to get an easy win, or so we thought.

I have no idea what the Iowa players were doing on the onside kick.  No idea.  When that happened I was speechless.  After watching the replay I’m even more dumbfounded.  It’s as if the Iowa players forgot THEY could pounce on the ball.  How does this happen?  This is supposed to be the ‘hands team,’ a team that practices this situation every day in practice.  How are there not multiple guys pouncing on the ball as if their scholarships depend on it? 

Stop blaming the refs.  Were there some questionable calls?  Sure.  But it’s Central freakin’ Michigan.

Kirk Ferentz coached teams pride themselves on special teams and being disciplined.  Saturday, not so much.        
Ferentz is 0-3 against Michigan directional schools.  I’ve seen all 3 losses at Kinnick.     

The Hawkeye defense gave up 32 points to a lower tier MAC team, how do you think they’ll fare against Big 10 teams?  Oh wait, the Big 10 stinks maybe they’ll be ok. 

Concerns about the D-line were front and center against the Chips. No pressure = ANY QB and team moving up and down the field at will.     

Hawkeye fans, stop using the ‘we’re young’ excuse.  Every team in college football plays freshman, some more than others.  It’s not a good excuse. Does Iowa have some young guys playing?  Yes.  But they also have plenty of veterans in the starting lineup. It’s not like they’re starting 22 true freshman.  Stop with the ‘we’re young’ excuse.  And even if Iowa started 22 freshman they should still never lose to Central Michigan.
Lost in the shuffle of the terrible loss is the fact the Iowa offense played better.  Not great, but better.  Over 400 yards of offense, 31 points, and a RB that rushes for over 200 yards should equal a victory.  It didn’t.
This is not the Senior year James Vandenberg envisioned.  Just 1 TD pass in 4 games.  Last year JVB had 25 TD passes, he’s on pace this season for 3.
Props to Mark Weisman.  I like watching this guy run, or should I say run over people. The walk-on transfer from Air Force impressed again.  217 yards rushing and 3 more TD’s.  The Sherman Tank runs extremely hard and when he gets in the open field he actually moves very well, especially for a fullback.
TD’s through 4 games. Mark Weisman- 6. Rest of the team- 2. Yikes. 

Your Hawkeye MVP’s through 4 games.  Mike Meyer and Mark Weisman, just as everyone predicted.

Speaking of Meyer, he’s made 63 straight extra points.  That’s an all-time best at Iowa.  Yes, even better than Nate Kaeding.

College football is crazy.  Iowa is not a good team right now.  But the Hawks could easily be 4-0, they also could easily be 0-4. 

I have no idea what to expect from Iowa against Minnesota.  I can see the Gophers winning by 20.  I can see Iowa winning by 20. I can only imagine the response if Iowa loses.   

UNI has to be the best 1-3 team in the country.  Losses at Wisconsin, at Iowa, and at #4 Youngstown State.  Up next for the Panthers, Top ranked North Dakota State, the defending FCS champs.  Yowza.

The best performance of the week goes to Old Dominion QB Taylor Heinicke.  He threw for 730 yards in a 64-61 win over New Hampshire.  Ridiculous.  James Vandenberg has thrown for 808 yards in 4 games.  Steele Jantz has thrown for 731 yards in 3 games. 

Want some good news Hawkeye fans?  Peter Jok, once touted as one of the top basketball players in the country gave Fran McCaffery a verbal commitment on Sunday.  Jok had a devastating knee injury that took almost 2 years to heal.  He just recently returned to 100%.  I have no idea how good Jok is, or can be.  I don’t think anyone does.  But if you’re an Iowa fan you have to trust Fran, and if McCaffery says he wants Jok then Hawkeye fans should be excited.  He’s a 6-6 small forward/shooting guard with lots of athleticism.  Jok is a Hawk. 


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