MURPHY’S LAW: Cast Your Kernel, Usain did What?, Hawkeyes Have No Flaws

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By: John Sears

I worked my first state fair WHO TV 13 booth on Thursday.  Fair goers put kernels of corn in to a jar to vote for their presidential candidate, Obama or Romney. It’s called ‘cast your kernel.’  Its unbelievable how mad some people get over a kernel of corn and voting for a potential president.  I bet we had at least 15 people take a kernel, then throw it on the ground, as if I had just ruined their life.  Here’s some quotes that were said to me today…

“Where’s the jar for the Libertarian party?”  (Heard this at least 137 times, maybe more.)

“Why ain’t you got Ron Paul up in a jar?”

“I don’t want to vote for either of these idiots.”

“Can I break the other jar on the ground?” 

“You’re a lot cuter in person than on TV.”  This was said to me by a 60-year-old woman. 

“Where’s Ed?”

“Are we allowed to take those golf carts?”

“If you want the whole country to burn to the ground then vote for Obama!!!”

“Romney just wants my money.”

I also saw numerous people eating rice krispie treats on a stick.  They looked excellent.  By the end of my 3 hour shift I wanted to tackle someone for a rice krispie treat.  I didn’t.  

Usain Bolt is the fastest man to ever walk the face of the earth, ever.  That’s a pretty cool title to have.  This is one of those sports topics where there is no debate.  Its Bolt, then everyone else. 

Like soccer or not seeing the US Women’s soccer team win and celebrate the gold medal was awesome.  Hope Solo backed up all her talk with her play, incredible saves to save the day. 

The Big 10 Network just previewed the Iowa Hawkeye football team.  According to Gerry Dinardo and Howard Griffith they like every player at every position for the Hawkeyes. 


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