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Bret Bielema to Arkansas. Didn’t see that one coming. Bielema has a good agent. Same one as Kirk Ferentz (Neil Cornrich). Many Wisconsin fans seem happy to see Bielema go. He led the Badgers to three straight Rose Bowls, albeit with some help this year, but still, that’s a pretty good run. Ask a Hawkeye fan if he’d take three straight trips to Pasadena.

I still think Bielema will end up regretting moving to the SEC gauntlet, unless there’s more to this story than meets the eye. I don’t think Bielema will pull an Altman though. That’s the most uncomfortable I’ve ever seen a man look. 

Barry Alvarez should coach the Rose Bowl. Then when Wisconsin wins, it will make Bielema even more irritated by “can’t win big games like Barry” critics.

Tulsa’s athletics director Ross Parmley was reportedly fired after the FBI investigated his gambling. None involved the Liberty Bowl.

Iowa State AD Jamie Pollard sent out this tweet Tuesday night (@IASTATEAD): “Some have short memory. Remember the Big10N the year b4 it had full clearance? Short term pain/long term gain. is a big asset.” Pollard is smart, thinking long term, and he makes good points, but right now, many fans HATE games not being on TV. Even for those of us who have the means, watching on a computer is just not yet the same. (editor update: ISU and Mediacom announced a five year deal today for to appear on Mediacom, eventually as its own sports channel.)

Bob Costas admits now he picked a poor time to express his opinion on gun control. Costas tried to do it in 90 seconds, which just isn’t enough for a topic that complex, and halftime isn’t the forum. I hope Costas continues his essays though. Even when I don’t agree, I’d rather think than have five ex-players on a set laughing too hard at each others jokes. (One of you called me out for calling Costas’ commentary a “rant”. You’re right. Wrong word. It was not a rant.)

On Facebook, a few of you said one of the problems with journalism is that opinions have no place. Wrong. Journalists should start an assignment with an open mind, and without bias or agenda, but thoughtful perspective is a reporter’s duty. Example from two of the giants: Walter Cronkite didn’t oppose the Vietnam War initially, but when he started questioning what we were doing over there, public opinion turned–correctly–against the war. Edward R. Murrow did the same for McCarthyism.

If you hear a commentator tell you he is always completely objective, find someone else. 100% objectivity on all subjects is out of reach, but full disclosure is not.

I read on Twitter that Robert Griffin III is ESPN’s new Tim Tebow. I watched and hoped people were wrong. I’m sorry to report that for one day at least, it was true. ESPN shoehorned RG3 into seemingly every topic on every show. I really like everything about this guy. Please ESPN, for the love of Tebow fatigue, don’t wear us out.

When I first moved to Iowa more than 22 years ago, one of my first on-air stories involved highlights of Pella High School. I asked co-worker Jeff Grummer what Pella’s nickname was. Jeff said, “Pelicans”. I typed it into the script, and right before the red light came on, Jeff checked to make sure I knew he was kidding. I did not. It was a close call. How embarrassing would that have been? And now word comes New Orleans is changing the name of its NBA team to Pelicans. Grummer is not involved.