Local lawmakers have one thing in common despite opposing views

ST. LOUIS, Missouri — Local Iowa lawmakers have at least one thing in common despite holding completely opposite views on politics — cheering for Drake basketball.

Republican Representative David Young and Democratic Senator Nate Boulton couldn’t be further apart when they’re at the statehouse. But, when they step inside the basketball arena, cheering for the Drake Bulldogs as they play in the Missouri Valley tournament is something they both can agree on.

“Right now in society a lot of things tear us apart and it’s cool to see people come together,” Sen. Boulton said. “The team is doing so well and does the community proud too.”

“Iowans have so much more in common than people think,” Rep. Young said. “We like healthy sparring in our politics, but more so in our sports and we come together and hang with our own team.”

Sen. Boulton and Rep. Young are Drake alumni. Sen. Boulton graduated from Drake law in 2005 and Rep. Young graduated from Drake University in 1991.