Lightning Strikes DMGCC Green

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — Nothing clears a sporting event like a big bolt of lightning, and for good reason.

The Des Moines Golf and Country Club’s course has the scars to prove it.

Wednesday, course officials woke up to the sight of a lightning strike on the green of the north course, at Hole 11.

There’s now a burn pattern in the grass, radiating out from the initial site of impact.

It makes the club thankful for its lightning detection system, which scans for lightning all around the course. Sirens blare when it’s time to get to safety.

“Most clubs do not have this system. With 475 acres, we have a lot of property and people to protect. Everyone’s commenting on it. It’s been a hot topic all day long. We just explain it and move on,” said Rick Tegtmeier, Director of Grounds at the club.

Tegtmeier says they don’t need to take any special measures for the scar to heal. If areas start to die out, they’ll simply replace it with nursery grass.

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