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The Kentucky Derby is nicknamed as the fastest two minutes in all of sports. And a group of Iowans hopes Brody’s Cause is out front as the clock ticks down.

It’s been a special week for the Albaugh family and their horse. They have big dreams of bringing Iowa its first Kentucky Derby winner.

On Friday, Churchill Downs was filled with derby hats and pink attire, a tradition with the Kentucky Oaks Day for breast cancer awareness.

Horse racing is coming off its biggest years in over four decades, mainly because we saw a Triple Crown winner for the first time since 1978, and it’s helped boost attendance numbers at tracks all across the country.

John Hernandez, race director at Prairie Meadows, said the same thing. He’s expecting a much bigger crowd than last year.

The Albaugh family’s horse buyer, who has been at the Kentucky Derby for over 20 years, said crowds like this are unheard of.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they break an attendance record. With the weather that’s predicted and the excitement American Pharoah generated last year. So, yes I am anticipating possibly a record breaking crowd tomorrow,” he said.

About 140,000 people attended the Kentucky Oaks Day on Friday. Officials are expecting the crowd to swell and reach almost 200,000 people for the race Saturday.