ANKENY — In blazing weather like Iowa is seeing, golf sounds more like an effort than an escape. But Johnston’s Cory Schultes took golf to the extreme Tuesday.

Schultes played 234 holes of golf at Ankeny’s Talons of Tuscany Tuesday, with pledges from his golf marathon going toward Miracle Travel Works, which helps with the travel expenses for sick or injured children and their families.

Schultes played the 13 rounds in an average time of one hour 10 minutes, with an average score of 82, high 90, low 77.

It obviously required Schultes to move fast. He played Tuesday because it was the longest day of the year, which allowed as much playing time as possible. Schultes started playing at 5:00 a.m. and finished just before sundown.

“In order to do this all day, you can’t stop,” said Schultes. “You really want to keep moving. In heat like this, you really want to stay hydrated. Being in a cart, that keeps you cool while you’re moving. So just keep moving is how this is going to be accomplished.”

Learn more about Miracle Travel Works, and Cory’s effort, at this link.