Iowa State Fans Watch Game Outside of Stands


WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — If they were not watching from home, some fans watched Iowa State’s season opener at restaurants on Saturday.

“Obviously we can’t go into the stadium this year and I understand that. Really my heart is at the stadium,” Cyclone fan Stacia Tapken said inside the Mac Shack restaurant in West Des Moines.

Tapken said restaurants are a safer way to watch the game and still cheer with other people.

“I’ll always cheer for Iowa in general, but I’m a Hawkeyes fan at heart,” said Mac Shack employee Lindsey Thyberg, who plans to root for Iowa State this season since the Hawkeyes do not have a season.

“I’m upset. It’s just crazy that the Cyclones are playing but the Hawkeyes aren’t, but it is what it is,” Thyberg said.

On any other game day, the restaurant acts like a smaller stadium, but this year is different.

“We socially distance and make sure we’re obviously wearing our masks,” Tapken said. “It’s very weird, but again, you got to do what you have to do to stay safe during this time.”

The next Cyclone game is Sept. 26. There is no word yet on if fans can watch the game in person, but they may be able to watch in bars. On Sept. 20, Gov. Kim Reynolds plans to reassess her order to close bars in six Iowa counties.


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