Incredible Journey for the Akok Brothers

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AMES, Iowa — The state track meet starts Thursday, and two brothers from Ames hope their hard work pays off.

Running around a track for hours isn’t for everyone, but Garang and Aniey Akok love it. Younger brother Aniey, just a sophomore, is a rising star who hates to lose. Older brother Garang, a senior, has taken a different path to varsity track. He didn’t start running until he was in 8th grade, and it was a challenge at first.

But Garang and Aniey’s journey to varsity track is nothing compared to the journey their parents embarked on almost 20 years ago.

Natives of South Sudan, the Akok family fled their homeland because of a civil war. After spending years on the run, they eventually made it to Egypt where Garang and Aniey were born.

John Sears has more on their incredible journey.


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