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Kadyn Sporrer was known for his big smile, and his even bigger heart. Tragically, Saturday in Glidden, Kadyn drowned.

Grief-stricken Carroll played for Kadyn Wednesday  night.

Mark Freund was there.

The pain – is still fresh.

“We were all in shock,” said sophomore Slade Sibenaller. “We just couldn’t really put it into perspective.”

A boy, lost. And a team…

“It was something we just knew we needed to do.”

…with a simple message.

“What started out as 50 t-shirts, ended up being 350 t-shirts.”

Play… for Kadyn.

“When something happens in this town, people will rally around you.”

Carroll’s rally started on Monday, with the softball team. A moment of silence, and a balloon release in Kadyn’s memory.

Two days later – the Tiger baseball team stepped up to the plate.


  • “please join us in a moment of silence.”
  • shots of crowd moment of silence.
  • balloon release – maybe some clapping?

“It’s really cool to see this team come together and even Ballard. This whole stadium tonight come together as one and help out a family in need.”

“I think we’re just trying to make the night seem as normal and just pay tribute to their family and help them as much as we can. Try and make their life as normal as possible, because no one can imagine what they’re going through right now.”

A game can’t bring a Kadyn back.

But it can help keep his memory alive.

“We’re not guaranteed tomorrow, so it kind of shows us that we need to take advantage of today, and not take for granted what we have, and what we have here is special.”

Special, indeed. In Carroll, Iowa, Mark Freund, Channel 13 sports.


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