Hawkeye Fans Continue the NCAA Celebrations

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The NCAA tournament might be over in Des Moines, but the celebration continued Sunday as both the Iowa men’s and women’s teams played the second rounds in the tournament.

Bars and restaurants were packed downtown, but drive just a little outside the city, and places like The Hall in West Des Moines were also swamped.

“Friday, for sure, was a complete zoo around here, and it took us a day to recover. Saturday was a little slower, but we had a great weekend overall, and just like anybody that had TVs, beer and food, we did pretty well this weekend,” The Hall owner Nick Kuhn said.

The Hall was not open when the last NCAA tournament was in town, but with their set up of four large TVs, they were expecting huge crowds.

“Every hotel in town is packed, and there’s only x number of places to go where you can watch all the games at once,” Kuhn said.

The Hall says they had 1,800 to 2,500 people come through on Friday and about 1,500 come through on Saturday.

Sunday was a little slower but the true Hawkeye fans flashed their black and gold.

“Diehard Hawkeye fan from day one,” Bill Roaderer said.

Fans say the men are having an exciting year and were happy to see them get through the first round.

And right after the men’s game, the Hawkeye women took to the court at home.

“We’d like to be over in Iowa City today watching it, but we had to stay here and watch the guys,” Bill Roaderer said.

For the Roaderers, cheering on the Hawkeyes is a family affair.

“From the beginning I didn’t really have a choice. If I ever wore red and gold, I’d probably get kicked out of the house,” Amanda Roaderer said.

The Hall is open seven days a week.


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