GUTHRIE CENTER, Iowa — Cody Matthewson was born to coach football. Matthewson grew up in Madrid and played under legendary coach Randy Hinkel.

After playing college football at Northwest Missouri State, Matthewson returned to small-town Iowa five years ago and is now coaching at Adair-Casey & Guthrie Center High School.

Matthewson knows the struggle and time commitment of being a teacher, coach, and AD so he and his wife developed a side business to bring in some extra cash. Mini replica helmets.

The Matthewsons create and design mini helmets for any high school or college that wants to sell them, and they do it all out of their 100+-year-old house. Nothing fancy, just hard work and passion.

Cody says they’ve created thousands of helmets for more than 100 different schools across the country and programs from 16 states.

The business has also expanded to car decals and stickers not only for schools but businesses as well.