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When Iowa’s Adam Woodbury poked a Wisconsin Badger in the eye for the second time Tuesday night, ESPN broadcaster Dan Dakich let his feelings be known. Dakich called it “complete garbage.”  He added, “That’s as cowardly as you can be — to hit a guy from behind or poke a guy in the face.”

Wednesday on his 1070, The Fan radio show in Indianapolis, Dakich reiterated his stance, calling Woodbury “gutless,” and the eye poking, the “act of a coward.”

Fran McCaffery told the Des Moines Register Tuesday night, “There is absolutely no way Adam Woodbury did that on purpose. Dan Dakich is completely out of line. He crossed the line. He is not right. It was an accident.”

WHO HD 13 asked for comment from Woodbury himself. Iowa Sports Information released the following statement to us from Woodbury:

“I try to play hard and tough every time I take the court. In no way did I go out there with the intention to hurt someone, that’s not who I am. I might be a lot of things, but I am not a coward and I was not deliberately trying to poke anyone in the eye.

 My hand was in their space because they are really good shooters and I was trying to disrupt their timing. It was inadvertent and I apologize. I have great respect for Wisconsin and its players. I’ve moved on from this and have begun preparation for Purdue on Saturday.”

Dakich and a Wisconsin newspaper called for disciplinary action against Woodbury. The Big Ten has had no comment yet.

Dakich said he invited McCaffery on his radio show, but McCaffery politely declined.

Dakich declined an invitation to join the “Murph & Andy Show” on 1460 KXNO to talk about his harsh words for Woodbury.

(Video courtesy of ESPN)