Monday night’s scheduled junior varsity football game between Dowling Catholic and City High at Bates Field in Iowa City was called off by the schools’ mutual decision.

Dowling Catholic Head Coach Tom Wilson and City High Head Coach Mitch Moore both say tensions ran high Friday night. Dowling won 34-0, avenging its upset loss to the Little Hawks a year ago. Friday’s game had personal foul penalties, injuries, dust-ups, and an ejection.

Moore says it was a heavyweight bout that could have been handled better by officials. Moore adds he has nothing but respect for the Dowling program, and it’s time to move on.

The Iowa High School Athletic Association has been asked to look into what happened Friday night. Executive Director Tom Keating answered inquiries with the following email:

“As we do whenever a concern about member schools is brought to our attention, our staff will reach out to both schools as well as the officiating crew members to gather as much information as possible and to make them aware of the concerns raised.  Since administrators work most closely with coaches and students, we believe it is best to have them address such situations.  We are here as a resource for the schools if they choose to engage us for assistance.  We also use the opportunity to as a learning opportunity with officials if we believe they could have handled a situation better.”