Ballard Playing for “Jackie Moon”


The brother of Ballard Bombers player Ashton Hermann, Jaxon, is known as “Jackie Moon”. Jaxon’s been in the hospital for the past month after having heart surgery. He was originally scheduled to be in the hospital 5-7 days.

The Ballard community has rallied around “Jackie Moon” and the Hermann family. Jaxon plays baseball for the Bombers and was hoping to be back on the diamond this summer. He’s still working on it. Jaxon was also on the Ballard freshman basketball team until his season got cut short due to the surgery. Jaxon’s parents have been with him in Omaha at the hospital pretty much 24/7, with the exception when his mom, Melanie, drove to Indianola to see Ashton play in the game to go to State. Jackie Moon’s dad, Nic Herman, played on the Ballard 1998 state tournament team.


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