There are few sure things in life.  Let’s see…death…taxes…and the fact that overzealous sports fans have mouths that run like broken car alarms.  While we don’t like that any more than you do, we have discovered a way to make money off it.  Thus we bring you SoundOFF  with Keith Murphy and Andy Fales. Who are we kidding? No one gives more opinions on this show than Murph & Andy themselves.

It’s a good entertainment option for not only sports fans, but insomniacs, barflies, raccoons, opossums and anyone else who would still be awake and in the mood to watch live television at 10:35 p.m. on a Sunday.  So, if you’ve already memorized the infomercial for Dyno-Mike’s Greased Lightning Colon Blow, and grown tired of ESPN re-runs of “World’s Strongest Man” competitions from the 1980’s, grab the remote and give SoundOFF a try. Besides, friends living out-of-state never grow tired of those “You Won’t Believe The Crap They Put On Television here In Iowa!” stories. Wait until they learn how many awards this wacky show has won. And that it’s been a big hit for 18 years! They’ll want to move here immediately.

If your desire to share your thoughts on sports and pop culture overrides your sense of getting a good night’s sleep, then why not? Send us an email, tweet, Facebook post, voicemail, or old fashioned letter. If you’re relatively sober and have something worth hearing, we’ll take a call live on the air at 515-282-9010.  Experience led us to a 7-second delay, so you might as well keep it clean.

Here’s how you can reach Murph and Andy, along with the SoundOFF Nation (please include your first name and hometown):


Twitter: @SoundOff13

Facebook: SoundOFF Nation

Letters: SoundOFF, WHO TV 13, 1801 Grand Avenue Des Moines, IA 50309

Sound-Off Anytime Line:  (515) 245-8844 (voicemail for when you just can’t wait.)

Podcast: SoundOFF with Keith Murphy

Live phone calls during program: 282-9010 (metro),  1-800-835-1313 (anywhere else in Iowa).

We welcome your suggestions for SoundOFF FaceOFF (hot topics to debate), SoundOFF Look-Alikes (please make sure it has a local connection), Who’s In  Your Five?, and Overrated/Underrated.  We may even give credit. We should.

We’d say send suggestions for What’s Bugging Andy? too, but that would just bug Andy, and he’d do something different anyway.