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Which Barbie accessories are best?

It seems everyone knows Barbie, the most famous doll in the world. In the over 60 years since Barbie first appeared on the scene, she has undergone countless makeovers, worked in many careers and acquired lots and lots of clothes. Kids start playing with Barbie as young children and some adults keep on collecting Barbies all their lives.

Barbie has a lot of accessories, too, and no collection can really be complete without a way for Barbie to travel in style. You could choose a scooter, boat, off-road vehicle or a private jet, but you can never go wrong with a pink sports car. If you’re looking for a convertible for Barbie to cruise around in, take a look at the Barbie Glam Convertible and Doll Pack.

What to know before you buy a Barbie accessory

Barbie was popular from the very beginning because she was a young woman in a world of dolls that were infants and babies for little parents to tend to and look after. Barbie changed the world of dolls by being a beautiful, poised and active adult that little girls used to play adult roles of all kinds instead of just parent roles.

Mattel says the purpose of the Barbie line is to inspire limitless potential in every child because even a small doll can make a big impact. Barbie has evolved to become an advocate for social and environmental change and the doll is completely committed to representation, empowerment and the environment.

What to look for in a quality Barbie accessory

There are hundreds of Barbie dolls to choose from and thousands of accessories to go with them. The type of clothes Barbie wears needs to match her activities and the accessories need to match, too. Matching accessories to specific Barbie jobs is a great way to add to any child’s Barbie collection.

Work clothes 

When Barbie wears work clothes, she needs accessories that help her do her job. So far, Barbie has followed more than 150 career paths.

  • Office Barbie needs a tiny briefcase, cellphone and laptop computer. 
  • Marine biologist Barbie needs swim fins, a snorkel, a dive mask and an air tank. 
  • Construction Barbie needs work boots, a hard hat, a toolbox and a ladder. 

Working out

Barbie needs the right accessories to work out at home, the gym and her yoga and spin classes. Sneakers, leg warmers, headbands, water bottles, bicycles and weight sets all help Barbie stay in shape.


Barbie plays every sport, and to do so, she needs the right outfit to wear when playing tennis, golf, volleyball and soccer with her friends. Athletic Barbie needs tennis rackets, golf clubs, volleyballs and nets, soccer balls, goals and more to play her best.

Casual wear 

When Barbie runs errands and takes trips in her pink convertible, she needs a light jacket or sweater, a casual watch and costume jewelry, sunglasses, a tote bag and her smartphone. 

Formal occasions

Barbie loves to dress up for a night on the town, a gallery opening or a gala. She sets off her glamorous gowns with necklaces, rings, bracelets and coordinated handbags and shoes.


Travel Barbie goes to a lot of places for work and play and needs a rolling suitcase, a matching set of luggage, a passport holder and a carry-on tote.

How much you can expect to spend on a Barbie accessory

There are hundreds of accessories for Barbie that cost $10-$25. Barbie playsets packed with accessories cost from $25 to around $50. Elaborate accessories like campers, private jets and three-story houses cost $50-$200.

Barbie accessories FAQ

How many Barbies have been sold?

A. Mattel has sold more than 1 billion Barbies.

How much are the most valuable Barbies worth?

A. The original Barbie doll sold for $3. Early mint condition Barbies in their original packaging sell to avid collectors for thousands of dollars. The most expensive Barbie ever sold was at a Christie’s auction. This special edition Stefani Canturi Barbie was wearing a real diamond choker and sold for more than $300,000. The proceeds from the sale went to fund the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 

What are the best Barbie accessories to buy?

Top Barbie accessory

Barbie Glam Convertible and Doll Pack

Barbie Glam Convertible and Doll Pack

What you need to know: This super glam sparkly pink convertible is ready to hit the open road with Barbie at the wheel and a friend beside her.

What you’ll love: This standard size Barbie wears a pink dress, shoes and sunglasses. Her open-top roadster is 14 inches long and has two black bucket seats with seat belts and Barbie “stitched” into the upholstery. The realistic molded pink dashboard features a GPS map in the center console. Its silver spoke mag wheels are realistically designed and roll freely. 

What you should consider: The doors don’t open. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Barbie accessory for the money

Barbie ZipBin 40-Doll Dreamhouse Toy Box and Playmat

Barbie ZipBin 40-Doll Dreamhouse Toy Box and Playmat

What you need to know: This storage bin for your Barbie dolls, clothing and accessories is a mansion that holds up to 40 Barbie dolls.

What you’ll love: Take the lid off this 12-by-12-by-12-inch toy box and fold down two of the sides to make a bright and bold fashionista play mat with a patio, swimming pool, kitchen, playroom and more. Use your own dolls and furniture with this multidimensional Barbie accessory.

What you should consider: The styles vary and won’t always match the pictures in the ads.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Barbie Coffee Shop Playset GMW03

Barbie Coffee Shop Playset GMW03

What you need to know: Kids open their own coffee shop with a Barbie doll that helps in the store.

What you’ll love: This coffee shop where Barbie works comes with two dozen accessories kids use to display coffee, cold drinks and sweets that they serve customers. The coffee shop has a counter, cooler, display rack and cappuccino maker. Barbie wears a striped T-shirt dress with a pink apron, black sneakers and her hair up in a bun. 

What you should consider: Many of these accessories are quite small, so this playset is best for children who don’t put nonfood items in their mouths.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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