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Which orthotic slippers are best?

If you often have pain in your foot, knee or back, wearing a pair of soft and comfortable slippers may help relieve or significantly reduce the pain. 

However, it can be difficult choosing the right pair to meet your needs from the scores of slippers options on the market. One effective approach is to look for one that combines comfort with stability, like landeer Memory Foam Slippers.

What to know before you buy orthotic slippers


It’s easy to know if your orthotic slippers are comfortable. They are usually soft, fuzzy and easy to put on or take off. Some slippers are embedded with a thin layer of cotton to keep your toes feeling cool and comfy while others combine a soft footbed with cushioned insoles to maximize comfort. When choosing a comfortable pair of slippers, you also need to check how your feet look in them. If your toes or heel are hanging over the edge when wearing your slippers, it is likely that they will cause pain or discomfort.

Arch support

Some slipper styles mold to the shape of your foot and include built-in arch support to cradle your arch and give optimal support. These options also have soft, insulating and cozy uppers that allow you to easily slip into the footwear without worrying about the width and height of your feet. Some options also include arch supports designed to improve your foot and leg alignment, which can help to prevent pain and discomfort.

Shock absorption

While some slippers do little to help your feet absorb shock when you walk, there are options that make you feel like you have a mini mattress under your feet, thanks to their excellent cushioning. Some slippers are crafted with foam that provides responsive cushioning, while others feature multi-density cushioned insoles to optimize their shock-absorbing function.

What to look for in quality orthotic slippers


Style might just be the difference between wearing your shoes at home while in your pajamas to wearing them outside. From open-toe design, criss-cross styles to round toe options, slippers come in different designs and some options are so cute that you can get away with wearing them outside. Some brands also offer a wide range of colors from purple, blue and pink to classic neutrals like grey and brown.


Choosing a pair of slippers with grippy soles can prevent you from falling while wearing them, but if you select an option with a suede or soft sole, you may not get a reliable grip when walking on wet or slippery surfaces. A rubber sole is another important feature that contributes to the slip-resistant function of any footwear. This type of sole is designed to give your feet a better grip and traction when walking or standing on virtually all types of surfaces.


If you want to move from wearing your slippers indoors to wearing them to take a walk or run to the grocery store, you should look out for versatile options that provide this flexibility. For instance, slippers with durable soles or protective clog-shaped slip-ons are great outdoor options.

How much you can expect to spend on orthotic slippers

The cost of orthotic slippers usually ranges between $20-$100, with the more expensive options offering more when it comes to cushioning and design. 

Orthotic slippers FAQ

How long should my orthotic slippers last?

A. Depending on your walking habits and frequency of use, your orthotic slippers should last anywhere from several months to a few years. If you have to replace your slippers after a few weeks or months because they are wearing out quickly, chances are the quality of those slippers isn’t great.

Can I wear orthotic slippers outdoors?

A. It depends. Some versatile options with durable weather-resistant outsoles can be worn outside. In fact, some soles are designed with the same rubber outsoles as street shoes. On the other hand, if your slippers are made with soft materials, it is likely they will easily wear out if you start wearing them outdoors.

What’re the best orthotic slippers to buy?

Top orthotic slippers

landeer Memory Foam Slippers Couple Style Men's and Women's House Casual Shoes

landeer Memory Foam Slippers Couple Style Men’s and Women’s House Casual Shoes

What you need to know: Made with breathable knitted fabric for comfort, these gender-neutral slippers also include a rubber sole with non-slip texture. 

What you’ll love: The slippers feature a waffle lattice knit upper that makes them breathable and keeps your feet dry and odorless. The inside of the slippers are also lined with skin-friendly soft flannel that makes your feet comfortable and warm when wearing them. The midsole also includes high-density memory foam pads to cushion your feet and ease pain

What you should consider: It is a great choice for those with wide feet, so it might not be suitable if you have narrow feet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top orthotic slipper for the money

COFACE Womens Open Toe Slip On Sandals

COFACE Womens Open Toe Slip On Sandals

What you need to know: These open-toe slip-on sandals are a favorite for women, due to the wide range of color options and plush fleece cover.

What you’ll love: They are made with soft materials that provide minimal slip resistance so they may not protect you on wet and slippery surfaces.

What you should consider: They seem to run small, so you may have to size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers With Arch Support For Women

Sollbeam Fuzzy House Slippers With Arch Support For Women

What you need to know: With nice arch support and soft fur to keep your feet warm, these slippers are one of the most comfortable orthotic options on the market.

What you’ll love: There is a deep, narrow heel cup to support the foot during high-impact activities or if you have to walk long distances. The design also helps to improve your foot and leg alignment while providing excellent arch support.

What you should consider: They are made with soft materials that provide minimal slip resistance, so they may not protect you on wet and slippery surfaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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