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Amazon Prime events are known for their great deals across a broad spectrum of products and retailers. While you can save hundreds on higher priced items, such as a Sony Smart TV or a Fire HD 8 Tablet, many shoppers choose to use this sale to get exceptional deals on less pricey items, like the JBL Clip 3 Waterproof Speaker or an Amazon Smart Thermostat.

Since there are so many products on sale, we’ve put together a list of items under $50 that you can get during the Prime Early Access Sale. We’ve organized that list into seven sections: trending, tech and electronics, apparel and accessories, home and kitchen, lawn and garden, sports and fitness equipment and health and beauty.

These prices are always subject to change. We recommend checking back throughout the duration of the event as BestReviews adds new must-have deals.

Updated: October 12, 2:45 p.m. PT

Lightning deals

Best Bentgo Kids Cool Lunchbox

Bentgo Kids Cool Lunchbox: 40% off  

Keep your child’s lunch fresh all day with this durable lunchbox that features a removable ice pack as well as compartments for the main dish and sides. Get it now for just $23.99.   

This Lightning Deal is available until 7:30 pm PT

Apple AirTag leather key rings and other trending deals

Best Nutale Key Finder, Four-pack

Nutale Key Finder, Four-pack: 20% off

These key finders attach to your most important personal items and connect to your phone. If you ever set something down without paying attention, your phone will tell you exactly where that item is.

Sold by Amazon

Best Intelligent Change The Five Minute Journal Gratitude Journal

Intelligent Change The Five-Minute Journal Gratitude Journal: 28% off

You don’t realize how much you have to be grateful for until you make a list. With this journal, you can keep track of all the amazing things in your life to realize how blessed you truly are.

Sold by Amazon

Best Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Primula Burke Cold Brew Coffee Maker: 24% off

A quick search on the internet will reveal many benefits cold-brew coffee has over regular coffee. This model is an excellent option for cold brewing. It is easy to use and makes enough to keep you going throughout the day.

Sold by Amazon

Best TOPCEE Weighted Blanket

TOPCEE Weighted Blanket: 45% off

A weighted blanket can help with anxiety and let you sleep better. This one is a breathable option with an evenly dispersed weight that won’t bunch up. For convenience, it is machine-washable.

Sold by Amazon

Best Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring: 29% off

This protective leather keyring is name-brand, offering the perfect protective fit for the Apple AirTag. It’s also available in eight different colors and features high-grade leather and stainless steel for the utmost durability.

Sold by Amazon

Best Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Noise Canceling Headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Noise Canceling Headphones: 20% off

Anker’s top-selling headphones earn praise for delivering notable sound and canceling noise interference for a memorable listening experience. However, they are available at a lower price than many competitors. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker: 50% off

The Keurig K-Mini works just like it’s larger cousins without taking up as much space in your kitchen. It’s ideal for anyone living in a dorm or small apartment. 

Sold by Amazon

Other top deals in this space 

DAYBETTER smart light bulbs, Echo devices and other tech and electronics deals

Best DAYBETTER Smart Light Bulbs

DAYBETTER Smart Light Bulbs: 20% off

Smart light bulbs, such as these six, are a convenience you will appreciate. You can turn them on and off without leaving the couch. And they even work remotely for times when you are not at home, so it can look like you are.

Sold by Amazon

Best Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot: 40% off

An Echo Dot lets you use your voice to control all the compatible smart devices in your home. It is compact, convenient and simple to set up.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wireless Charging Station

Wireless Charging Station: 52% off

A wireless charger adds a degree of convenience that can make your life a little easier. With this model, you can just drop several mobile devices down and it will begin charging. No fussing with finding and connecting the right charging cable.

Sold by Amazon

Best Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Portable Bluetooth Speaker: 27% off 

You take your phone everywhere, but that’s not enough for a party. The Anker Soundcore connects to your mobile device and lets you stream music wherever you go. It features a rugged build and is water-resistant.

Sold by Amazon

Best Fire TV Streaming Stick

Fire TV Streaming Stick: 50% off

If you don’t have a smart TV, that’s OK. The Fire TV Stick gives you access to over a million movies and TV shows, so you can enjoy your entertainment on demand.

Sold by Amazon

Best HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive

HP USB 3.1 Flash Drive: 17% off

Whether you want to keep a backup of all your files or just want to quickly transfer data physically instead of sending it through the cloud, this high-end USB drive is perfect.

Sold by Amazon

Best Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor: 30% off

If you have issues with your breathing or just want to keep an eye on the air in your home, this Amazon Alexa-compatible monitor measures five key elements of air quality.

Sold by Amazon

Best DAYBETTER 100-Foot LED Strip Lights

DAYBETTER 100-Foot LED Strip Lights: 35% off

If traditional light bulbs aren’t for you, string lights may be the next best thing. This 100-foot strip of LED string lights lets you customize colors and control the lighting via the Daybetter mobile app.

Sold by Amazon

Best Anker Soundcore A1 True Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore A1 True Wireless Earbuds: 35% off

In this day and age, true wireless earbuds are basically essential. These Soundcore earbuds include three sound modes and up to nine hours of playtime with the charging case.

Sold by Amazon

Best Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse: 59% off

Gamers rely heavily on the mouse they use, and this Razer gaming mouse is a well-performing affordable option. This wired mouse has a 20K DPI optical sensor and eight programmable buttons.

Sold by Amazon

Best Echo Show 5 with Amazon Smart Plug

Echo Show 5 with Amazon Smart Plug: 68% off

If you want to increase the number of smart devices in your home and save money, you’re in luck. This bundle includes the Echo Show 5 smart video speaker and the Amazon Smart Plug for an unbeatable price. 

Sold by Amazon

Other top tech deals 

Polo Ralph Lauren shirts and other apparel and accessories deals

Best COOFANDY Men’s Cotton Shirt

COOFANDY Men’s Cotton Shirt: 40% off 

Quality items are even more desirable when you know you are getting a great deal. For instance, this cotton shirt is currently deeply discounted for the Prime Early Access Sale.

Sold by Amazon

Best Repel Travel Umbrella

Repel Umbrella Windproof Travel Umbrella: 50% off

It doesn’t matter how flawless your ensemble is if you arrive at work drenched. The Repel Umbrella is a compact travel umbrella that is effortless to take with you on your morning commute, so you arrive at work looking just as great as you did when you left the house. 

Sold by Amazon

Best VEEST Heated Socks

VEEST Heated Socks: 14% off

It’s the little things that can make you feel like you’ve won at life. For example, these heated socks can help keep your feet toasty no matter how cold the weather gets. You can even wear them around the house to help combat chills.

Sold by Amazon

Best SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses

SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses: 49% off

Sunglasses aren’t just stylish, they protect your eyes, too. With their sleek design, this pair is the perfect accent to nearly any outfit. You can look good while keeping your eyes healthy. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Dream Pairs Plush Slippers

Dream Pairs Plush Slippers: 44% off

These slippers offer more than warmth. The soft, fuzzy interior provides a luxury tactile experience as well. Your feet will thank you.

Sold by Amazon

Best Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Watch

Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Quartz Watch: 90% off

Everyone needs a good watch. The nautical theme of this one means water resistance up to 100 meters and shark detailing.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mangopop Deep V-Neck Bodysuit

Mangopop Deep V-Neck Bodysuit: 56% off

This bodysuit can be combined with all kinds of bottoms and accessories to make countless looks. It comes in 29 designs, including a mix of solid colors and patterns.

Sold by Amazon

Best Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Cuff Hat

Polo Ralph Lauren Signature Cuff Hat: 9% off

With winter weather coming, beanies and stocking caps are back. This classic Ralph Lauren cuff hat is made from 80% wool and 20% recycled nylon, featuring a pin with the Polo Ralph Lauren logo.

Sold by Amazon

Best Polo Ralph Lauren Moc Mule

Polo Ralph Lauren Moc Mule: 55% off

Colorful shoes can be a great way to make a statement, and what better way to make one than with these Polo Ralph Lauren slip-ons? These are a name-brand option, but without the high price tag.

Sold by Amazon

Best Champion Powerblend Fleece Sweatpants

Champion Powerblend Fleece Joggers: 50% off

Joggers are a comfortable alternative to other pants that are great for exercise, lounging or even casual outings. Champion’s Powerblend Joggers offer a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester, with a fleece-lined material that’s suitable for chilly weather.

Sold by Amazon

Other top apparel and accessories deals 

Dash mini waffle makers Lodge cookware and other home and kitchen deals

Best Dash Multi Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Multi Mini Waffle Maker: 31% off

Waffles are magic. They can almost guarantee a smile at breakfast. With the Dash Multi Mini, you can make your kids happy every morning.

Sold by Amazon

Best Aooshine Touch Control Lamp

Aooshine Touch Control Lamp: 20% off

If you’ve ever fumbled for the switch on a bedside lamp at night, you know how frustrating it can be turning it on or off. This model operates with just a quick tap on the base, so you can have light or darkness with zero hassels.

Sold by Amazon

Best NETANY Shower Squeegee

NETANY Shower Squeegee: 35% off

All that moisture on your shower walls contributes to mold and mildew growth. A shower squeegee is an excellent way to reduce those undesirable elements by using it to quickly wipe down the shower walls when you’re done.

Sold by Amazon

Best J-HVA Glass and Bottle Rinser

J-HVA Glass and Bottle Rinser: 20% off

Whether it’s baby bottles or wine glasses, it’s tough to clean the inside. With a special rinser, all you need to do is place the glass on the base, press down and a powerful stream of water rinses the inside clean.

Sold by Amazon

Best Lodge Cast-iron Skillet

Lodge Cast-iron Skillet: 27% off 

With proper care, a cast-iron skillet can be handed down from generation to generation. When considering the top models, Lodge is the only way to go. The brand makes high-quality pieces with even heating that come pre-seasoned.

Sold by Amazon

Best Cuisinart Waffle Iron

Cuisinart Waffle Iron: 30% off

There’s something about a fresh waffle that’s tough to beat, breakfast-wise. This iron has lights to tell you if it’s preheating and if the waffle is ready. It also includes a recipe guide.

Sold by Amazon

Best Astercook Steak Knives Set of 6

Astercook Steak Knives Set of 6: 72% off

Steak knives are a handy kitchen item, but they can get pricey quickly. This set of six serrated steak knives includes ergonomic handles and individual sheaths for each knife.

Sold by Amazon

Best SupMaKin Mandoline Slicer

SupMaKin Mandoline Slicer: 51% off

For a safer alternative to cutting things by hand, many elect to buy a mandoline. This mandoline slicer comes with an adjustable thickness knob and four different cut modes.

Sold by Amazon

Other top home and kitchen deals 

Fiskars pruning shears and other lawn and garden deals

Best Fiskars Pruning Snips

Fiskars Pruning Snips: 50% off 

Plants need care. Pruning them helps stimulate and direct growth to increase health. These are sharp and ergonomic, allowing you to snip cleanly away with little effort.

Sold by Amazon

Best Addlon String Lights

Addlon String Lights: 54% off

The right lighting can make your patio look amazing. These lights can be wrapped around deck railing, hung from fences or strung about to create a magical wonderland of outdoor lighting. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Betus Manual Garden Weeder

Betus Manual Garden Weeder: 20% off

Weeding your lawn can put a strain on your lower back. The Betus Manual Weeder allows you to complete the task without bending over, so you have no aches and pains the following day. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Buyplus Adjustable Rake

Buyplus Adjustable Rake: 20% off 

If you have a fence, deck or other structures in your yard, they can create little nooks for debris to build up. This adjustable rake can collapse down to fit in narrow spaces to clean out any leaves that gather. Alternatively, it can open wide to cover larger areas when needed. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Alpine Corporation Tabletop Water Fountain

Alpine Corporation Tabletop Water Fountain: 49% off

Moving water can help you reduce stress. This model is a small, tabletop water fountain that looks gorgeous and adds serenity to your outdoor living space.

Sold by Amazon


Best Keter City Deck Box


Keter City Deck Box: 21% off

This deck box is mainly used to store things such as pillows that shouldn’t be left out in bad weather, and it can be locked. It also serves as an additional seat.

Sold by Amazon

Best Fiskars Bypass Lopper Tree Trimmer

Fiskars Bypass Lopper Tree Trimmer: 49% off

This huge set of tree trimming equipment is designed to cut through branches up to 2 inches. This set includes patented PowerGear technology to make trimming easier.

Sold by Amazon

Best AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients

AeroGarden Liquid Nutrients: 48% off

No garden is complete without the right nutrients, and this plant fertilizer is designed with a pH buffering system for quick growth. This includes 1 liter of the solution with useful reminders to keep your plants healthy for 100 AeroGarden feedings.

Sold by Amazon

Best AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Seed Pod Kit

AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Seed Pod Kit: 63% off

This seed pod kit comes with pre-seeded vegetable grow pods for mega cherry tomatoes, poblano peppers and sweet bell peppers. It’s also GMO-free and can be planted year-round in spaces with enough light.

Sold by Amazon

Best Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide

Scotts DiseaseEx Lawn Fungicide: 42% off

Keeping your lawn free of disease is tricky, but you can turn them around in under a day. This lawn fungicide kit is rated for lawns up to 5,000 square feet, and the company says it cures 26 different lawn diseases.

Sold by Amazon

Other top lawn and garden deals 

  • A garden sprayer makes it easy to water plants. This model is $12.79. 
  • At only $7.88, the Fiskars Trowel makes a nice addition to any garden tool set. 
  • The Gardtech trowel cuts through weeds with ease. It was $25.99 but is $15.99 today. 
  • You’ll get all of the garden hand tools you need in the Jardineer Set that’s just $23.99 today. 
  • This three-piece garden tool set makes a nice stocking stuff for the gardener in your life. The sale price is $9.99. 
  • Leaf scoops simplify fall yard cleanup. This pair is only $9.09. 
  • A bird feeder is the perfect addition to your garden. The Twinkle Star Feeder is just $15.19. 
  • This bag of grass seed is perfect for revitalizing dried-out yards or starting something new. It’s 53% off.
  • Yard pests can quickly ruin all the work you put in to make your home beautiful. This mole killer is 51% off.
  • This decorative Char-Broil basket can collapse to just an inch, making it easy to stow when not in use. It’s 50% off right now.
  • The lawn mower cover is a perfect way to weatherproof your lawn mower when you aren’t using it. This one is 31% off.
  • This Workpro Cordless Trimmer has safety features built in to help you stay safe while you’re trimming. It’s 30% off.
  • If you have outdoor pests disturbing your garden, this Tomcat Bromethelain Pest Bait comes in 4-ounce blocks. It’s 40% off.
  • This 18-inch Black and Decker hedge trimmer is made for small bushes and hedges, suitable for branches â… of an inch. It’s 34% off.
  • This galvanized garden bed is 4 feet long and 2 feet wide, offering enough room for a few planted veggies. It’s 49% off right now.
  • Having a fire on the patio or in the grill is a great activity for nice weather days, and this Melt Candle Company fire starter is a good alternative to lighter fluid. These are 58% off.
  • This 100-foot Expandable Garden Hose also comes with a 10-function nozzle. It’s 38% off.

WODFitters resistance bands and other sports and fitness equipment deals

Best Whatafit Resistance Bands

Whatafit Resistance Bands: 50% off

Resistance bands can be added to nearly any exercise to increase the intensity and give you a more efficient workout. The set is color-coded and portable. It’s like having a gym that can fit in your pocket.

Sold by Amazon

Best ATIVAFIT Dumbbell Set

ATIVAFIT Dumbbell Set: 20% off 

Resistance training is essential for not only building muscle but keeping bones strong. The pieces in this set feature a slip-resistant grip and come in a variety of weights, so you can choose the one that’s right for your fitness level.

Sold by Amazon

Best AQUAFIT Water Bottle

AQUAFIT Water Bottle: 26% off

If you are exercising right, you are sweating. You need to replace that water so your muscles can heal and won’t cramp up. The AQUAFIT is a large, durable, spill-proof option you can easily take with you to the gym.

Sold by Amazon

Best DEGOL Jump Rope

DEGOL Jump Rope: 20% off 

When it comes to cardio, few exercises come close to the benefits you get from jumping rope. The is a weighted, adjustable model that can be sized to your body, so you get the most out of each and every jump.

Sold by Amazon


Best GoSports Football Toss Game


GoSports Football Toss Game: 27% off

This set includes everything you need to practice your tosses and keep yourself entertained during commercial breaks and halftime. You can also practice your baseball pitch if you have some baseballs laying around.

Sold by Amazon

Best WodFitters Resistance Bands with Handles

WodFitters Resistance Bands with Handles: 20% off

If you’re looking for name-brand material with the Wodfitters stamp, this is a good place to start. This 11-piece kit includes a home gym in a bag with five resistance bands and soft-grip handles for optimal comfort.

Sold by Amazon

Other top sports and fitness equipment deals 

Revlon curling irons and other health and beauty deals

Best IKV Curling Iron

IKV Curling Iron: 20% off

The right curling iron can style your hair in ways you never imagined. This styler has a large barrel for looser curls, multiple heat settings and an auto shut-off for safety.

Sold by Amazon

Best Crest Teeth-Whitening Strips

Crest Teeth-Whitening Strips: 35% off 

Even clean teeth can develop a yellowish tint over time. Crest strips let you brighten your teeth to give you a dazzling smile that makes both you and others feel better.

Sold by Amazon

Best KAIESS Ring Light

KAIESS Ring Light: 39% off 

A ring light has become an essential if you take selfies or do any kind of video calls. The NEEWER Ring Light covers your face evenly to diminish unwanted shadows, so you always look your best on camera.

Sold by Amazon

Best Dollar Shave Club Disposable Razors

Dollar Shave Club Disposable Razors: 20% off 

A razor is only good for about a week at best, so you need an ample supply. These are top-quality disposable razors that offer a close yet comfortable shave.

Sold by Amazon

Best Deweisn Makeup Mirror

Deweisn Makeup Mirror: 49% off 

A reliable makeup mirror is essential if you want to look your best. This model lets you see your face from a variety of angles, has a compact build and is lighted so you can always clearly see how great you look.

Sold by Amazon

Best Body Restore Shower Steamers Gift Set

Body Restore Shower Steamers Gift Set: 41% off

This aromatherapy gift set comes with three pods each of 10 scents with smells such as milk and honey, rose, orange cocoa and lavender. Just unwrap one, put it on your shower floor and smell the happiness.

Sold by Amazon

Best Manscaped Eletric Groin Hair Trimmer

Manscaped Electric Groin Hair Trimmer: 30% off

This trimmer is specifically for under-the-waist care and has features such as low vibration, waterproofing and cordless power to make handling that area smoother.

Sold by Amazon

Best Revlon Three-Barrel Jumbo Hair Waver

Revlon Three-Barrel Jumbo Hair Waver: 41% off

This Revlon three-barrel hair waver comes in either gray or pink. It also includes a ceramic coating designed to help reduce damage to the user’s hair.

Sold by Amazon

BestRevlon Crystal C Ceramic Flat Iron

Revlon Crystal C Ceramic Flat Iron: 30% off

The Revlon Crystal C is a corded flat iron that the company says is designed for all hair types. This flat iron is 1-inch wide and also has a ceramic coating for frizz control.

Sold by Amazon

Best Waver 5-in-1 Curling Iron Wand Set

Waver 5-in-1 Curling Iron Wand Set: 44% off

This five-in-one curling iron wand set includes three barrel hair waver attachments and four curling wands, so you can customize your hairstyle to suit your hair — and the event.

Sold by Amazon

Other top health and beauty deals

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