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Which FPV drones are best?

First-person view (FPV) drones make for an exciting and different drone piloting experience. As long as you have the tech and an observant friend who can help you maintain visual lines of sight on a UAV, you can get started.

If you want an all-in-one FPV drone kit to use right out of the box, the DJI FPV Combo is the top choice. It features a high-quality quadcopter, remote control and FPV goggles to see through the eyes of the drone when you fly.

What to know before you buy an FPV drone

How you want to pilot

You can get footage and views from the first-person perspective of many drones without using additional equipment such as FPV goggles. If you would like to see your drone and look through the eyes of its camera, you may not want to use a headset that limits your visibility.


If you have spent time flying drones and want to try FPV flight, you may find FPV goggles compatible with a drone you already own. If you do not have a drone capable of FPV flight, you might purchase a high-end model. However, if you are totally new to drones, start with a simple drone model and learn how to safely fly before jumping into a challenging FPV experience.

Flight length

If you plan to perform short flights or tricks with a drone but do not need to fly for extended periods of time, you may not need a drone with long battery life. If you need a drone to last long enough to film footage or to race long distances, a quality battery and backups are must-haves. Before you buy a drone, consider the battery life.

What to look for in a quality FPV drone

Low latency

Limit the amount of time delay that occurs between what the drone camera sees and what your FPV goggles show you. For general use, latency under 100 milliseconds (ms) is fast enough to prevent issues. If you want to participate in FPV drone racing, you need a latency below 40 ms to have the reaction time necessary to make adjustments and maneuver efficiently mid-flight.


Your drone should not leave the line of sight of your spotter or yourself (if you do not use FPV goggles). That naturally limits the range you need for a drone used recreationally or for recording videos. Of course, having a long-range and solid connection between the remote control, the drone and the FPV goggles ensures you are in control of the device no matter how far you fly. Check the maximum ranges for your device signals and operate at safe ranges.

Video quality

If you are looking for an FPV drone, taking high-quality videos in 4K is probably not your top priority. However, the value of a powerful camera can’t be understated. Good FPV drones can consistently transmit clear visuals to the user. If you are wearing FPV goggles, your eyes can only see what the drone sees, so find a model with a good camera to look through.

How much you can expect to spend on an FPV drone

If you already have a drone and need FPV goggles to complete your setup, those are available at varying qualities and start at less than $100, going up to $500 for the highest quality. For a complete FPV drone kit or all the components, expect to pay $100-$300 for basic gear and more than $1,000 for the highest-quality equipment.

FPV drone FAQ

What allows a drone to be FPV?

A. Some drones use top-down cameras or cameras at fixed angles that do not allow for easy first-person views while controlling the device. Technically, as long as a drone’s camera can face forward and provide enough of a view for the user to safely operate using only the camera, you can use it on its own or in conjunction with FPV goggles for a proper FPV flying experience.

Are FPV drones illegal?

A. No, but there may be some restrictions. Depending on where you live, there can be rules and restrictions about drones. If a drone is particularly large, you may need to register it. Some places require FPV drone pilot licensing for users to safely and legally operate the device. Most model aircraft and basic drone products are safe as long as you keep them in your line of sight and do not fly higher than a few hundred feet off the ground.

What’s the best FPV drone to buy?

Top FPV drone



What you need to know: This is the best all-in-one FPV drone kit with everything you need to get started with drone flights and races.

What you’ll love: It features low-latency transmission to allow for quick and precise movements. The high-quality DJI FPV goggles create an immersive flight experience. The drone’s camera can record video in 4K and transmit HD video to your headset from up to 6.2 miles away. There are different control options for users of varying experience levels.

What you should consider: This is a pricey FPV drone kit and a few users have reported receiving defective components.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Top FPV drone for the money

Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo

Ryze Tech Tello Boost Combo

What you need to know: This compact, affordable model is a simple drone for taking photos and videos, and is useful for new pilots who need to learn how to fly a drone.

What you’ll love: It records clear HD video. You can use a controller, VR device or smartphone application as methods of remote control. You can easily swap out the plates of the device for some visual customization. The kit includes replacement blades and tools for easy maintenance and repair of the device if it gets damaged.

What you should consider: The fully-charged battery only lasts for 13 minutes of sustained flight, so you need to change out batteries or charge them for more flight time.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out



What you need to know: This complete starter kit includes everything beginners need to learn the basics of FPV drone piloting.

What you’ll love: The quadcopter is a small and compact design with built-in impact detection. The drone automatically makes an emergency landing for safety if it collides with something, suffers from low battery or the user loses control. It includes a paired remote control and matching FPV goggles. Everything in the kit has a simple, sleek, matching design.

What you should consider: Some users seem to have received copies that do not respond to control inputs, so quality control may be an issue.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.


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