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Which under-bed storage bin is best?

It’s tough to keep your home from looking cluttered when you don’t have enough storage space. Under-bed storage bins let you better utilize the space under your bed to store anything from linen and out-of-season clothes to that DVD collection you aren’t yet ready to get rid of. 

Before you buy, consider what you want from your under-bed storage bins, whether that’s durability, flexibility or impressive storage space. Whitmor Zippered Under-Bed Bags are great for storing all kinds of items under your bed.

What to know before you buy an under-bed storage bin


Common under-bed storage bin materials include fabric, plastic and wood.

Although fabric options could be more accurately described as under-bed storage bags, they are affordable and flexible. While storage bins made from rigid materials won’t fit under your bed if they are too tall for the space, you can fit fabric storage bins into almost any under-bed space as long as you under-fill them.

Plastic under-bed storage is also relatively affordable and is more durable than its fabric counterparts, though it isn’t the most attractive option.

Wooden under-bed storage bins are often designed to look like drawers, so if you match them to the color of your bed, they can look as though they are built-in drawers. They are unquestionably the most attractive option that is sturdy and durable but at the same time more expensive than the other alternatives.


It is important to check the dimensions of the under-bed storage container you are considering to make sure it will fit under your bed. You should also think about what you intend to store under your bed and buy a storage bin large enough to fit it — while still fitting under the bed. If you’re looking for more storage ideas, take a look at the storage trunks buying guide at BestReviews.

Lids or other closures

While you can find open under-bed storage options, a lid or other covering will keep dust out, which is especially important for long-term storage, especially as under bed shoe storage that you use as many as a few times a year. Plastic under-bed storage bins often have basic plastic lids, while fabric options have zippered closures. Wooden under-bed storage is less likely to have lids, so it is best for holding items you use regularly. Therefore, it won’t build up years worth of dust.

What to look for in a quality under-bed storage bin


Wheels on under-bed storage bins make the bins easier to pull out from under your bed. While you might not find it too tricky to pull out an average storage bin without wheels, it can get tough when you are storing heavy items under your bed, in which case, wheels are highly advisable.


It can be tricky to haul a storage container out from under your bed if it doesn’t feature a handle or at least an open rim that you can grab onto. Make sure that handles are durable enough to stand up to repeated use.

Ease of cleaning

You can simply wipe the insides of plastic and wooden storage bins to clean them — though plastic is usually easier to wipe clean. Fabric under-bed storage is tougher to clean unless it’s machine washable, which is sometimes the case.

How much you can expect to spend on an under-bed storage bin

Basic fabric under-bed storage bins start at less than $10 each, while large under-bed storage bins on wheels can cost as much as $100 per piece. 

Under-bed storage bin FAQ

How can I hide storage bins under my bed? 

A. Beneath the bed might be a great place for storage bins when you don’t have enough storage space at home, but you might not want them to be visible at all. Although they are not to everyone’s taste, bed skirts will hide away any storage bins. Alternatively, you can choose more attractive under-bed storage bins with wooden fronts that look like drawers, so the storage bins look like they are just part of your bed. 

Is there anything you shouldn’t store under your bed? 

A. What you store under your bed is up to you, but it is not the easiest spot to access, so it is best not to store anything you use regularly. Conversely, if you store things that you rarely use under your bed, you might forget they are under there, and they will just end up gathering dust. You should also avoid storing anything too heavy in under bed storage bins because you will have to bend into an awkward position to retrieve it and could end up injuring yourself.  

What’s the best under-bed storage bin to buy?

Top under-bed storage bin

Whitmor Zippered Underbed Bags

Whitmor Zippered Under-Bed Bags 

What you need to know: Large affordable under-bed storage for anyone who needs to fit a lot under their bed without spending too much

What you’ll love: Clear top allows you to see what’s inside easily. Reinforced seams for durability. Molds to most spaces, even if it’s not an exact fit.

What you should consider: Hard to slide out from under the bed if you have a carpeted bedroom.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top under-bed storage bin for the money

Ziz Home Zippered Under Bed Storage Bag

Ziz Home Zippered Under Bed Storage Bag

What you need to know: A great choice for buyers on a budget with packs of two or three available.

What you’ll love: Breathable fabric helps prevent mildew and mustiness. Sturdy handles and reinforced zipper. Clear top to see contents.

What you should consider: Could be more durable.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sterilite Underbed Storage Box

Sterilite Underbed Storage Box

What you need to know: These sturdy under-bed storage boxes make up in practicality what they lack in style.

What you’ll love: Available in a range of sizes. Lids fit securely. Clear plastic base allows you to check what’s in the box without opening it. Durable.

What you should consider: Not the most attractive under-bed storage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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