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SHELDAHL, Iowa –We all have an idea of what our dream home would look like. Jacob Adler is making his a reality.

It is just smaller than most. “It’s a tiny house. This is totally off the grid, run by solar power,” Adler said.

The tiny house has 275 square feet of living space. During a tour, Adler said, “So this is the living room. We’ve got a couch back here and this is all storage.”

In addition to the living room, he’ll build a fold up table for the dining area, and there will be a full kitchen. The upstairs bedroom has room for a king size bed, and below that is the bathroom with a shower, toilet and tankless propane water heater.

“It has all the comforts of home. You’re not missing anything here. The only thing you’re missing is the 30 year mortgage,” Adler said.

Adler wants to keep construction costs at about $22,000. The biggest expense will be the appliances made for small living, like what he’ll put in the bathroom. “It’s run with a composting toilet. It’s not as gross, it’s not as bad, as it sounds. It’s actually a very expensive toilet. It’s a $1,600 toilet,” Adler said.

The bathroom will also house the washer/dryer combo unit Adler plans to buy. “They cost roughly about $1,000, but it’s 30 by 30, the size of a regular dryer, but one machine does both,” he said.

Adler designed the home based on what he found on the internet. He wants to custom build about five tiny homes a year for people through his new business “Tiny Homes Big Dreams.” Although, he realizes this isn’t for everyone. “If you had a big family of six, this is not the answer for you. For a single guy with a dog, what more do I need,” he said.

Adler plans to finish his house in the next six months and move it to Colorado to live. You can find more information about his tiny house and business on his Instagram account.