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DES MOINES, Iowa — Channel 13 Erin Kiernan is being called a hero for moms nationwide, all thanks to a simple Facebook post and a moment of truth.

Kiernan sounded off on a Facebook fan who commented on her “off camera” look as she relaxed with her son, Michael Francis.

The post has gone viral, appearing on the Today Show’s website, People and

Kiernan posted a photo of herself and Michael Francis on April 12, writing “I used to think I knew what exhausted was. Hilarious.”

Hundreds of fans reached out to the new mom, thanking her for showing a “real mom moment,” one woman described it as. The post inspired another mom to share her own “exhaustion” photo of herself with her child.

But it was one comment that prompted Kiernan to share another “real mom moment”:

Kiernan said Tuesday it wasn’t the person’s comment about her looks that made her angry.

“This person went on to say, essentially, that I was a fraud. That I was somehow a disingenuous, bad person because of this stark contrast between the photo of me on our website and on my Facebook page, in contrast to the one when I was home with a sick baby,” she said.

Kiernan went on, saying that no one exists in a bubble and we’re more than the people we are at work or at home.

Watch Kiernan’s full interview above.