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Controlling the portion sizes of what you eat each day can significantly help you maintain a healthy weight. Fareway’s Whitney Hemmer goes through the basic recommendations for the food groups when it comes to portion size.


6 servings per day

Rice or pasta ½ cup tennis ball/closed fist
Bagel 1 mini OR ½ of a large bagel Hockey puck


4 servings per day

Apple 1 medium Tennis ball/closed fist
Berries ½ cup Half tennis ball
Avocado 1/5 or 1 ounce 1 slice
Dried fruit ¼ cup Egg


4 servings per day

Chopped vegetables ½ cup 7 cotton balls
Raw, leafy greens 1 cup Baseball


2 to 3 servings per day

Lean meat 3 ounces Deck or cards/palm of your hand
Fish 3 ounces Checkbook
Scrambled eggs 1 cup Tennis ball
Nuts 1 ounce Ping pong ball
Nut butter 1 Tbsp. Thumb


Dark chocolate 1.5 ounces Floss dispenser
Trail mix ¼ cup Small handful
Oil 2 Tbsp Golf ball