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A state of emergency was declared for Wayne County, Nebraska after Friday’s storms.

Governor Dave Heineman toured the damage first-hand Sunday afternoon after the EF-4 tornado ripped through the county, bringing winds of more than 170-miles-per-hour.

The tornado wiped out the town’s industrial park, two-dozen businesses and injured 15 people.

One family had no idea what it was preparing for when the tornado hit.

“It got really quiet and I heart it coming through the cornfield.  I headed for the basement and closed the door behind me.  Seconds later, the roof was gone and I could feel the suction of the door getting pulled and gravel hitting us in the face with the kids screaming,” said tornado victim Matt Krusemark.

“It was just chaotic,” Krusemark said.

The tornado leveled the Krusemark’s home.

Family members said no matter what, they are thankful they had a storm shelter or else someone could have been seriously hurt.

The American Red Cross arrived in northwest Iowa to help people affected by the storm.

The Siouxland Chapter has a team in Correctionville, Pierson and Moville.

Officials said the widespread path of destruction made it difficult to assess the damage but for now, they are focusing their efforts on ensuring no-one goes hungry.

The Red Cross said they estimate they will provide up to 1,000 meals on Sunday.

Donate to the Red Cross or find more information on how you can help tornado victims here.