WHO 13 takes pride in its educational and informational programs for children. We keep a detailed file of our children’s programming in our public inspection file at https://publicfiles.fcc.gov/tv-profile/who-dt

WHO 13
1801 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50309

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

WHO 13.1 Regular Saturday Children’s Programming lineup

Time                 Program
10:00 AM      Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dryer
10:30 AM      Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dryer
11:00 AM      Consumer 101
11:30 AM      Roots Less Traveled

WHO 13.1 Regular Sunday Children’s Programming lineup

Time                 Program
6:00 AM      Vets Saving Pets
6:30 AM      The Champion Within

Here are upcoming changes to WHO 13.1 regularly scheduled children’s programming lineup:

WHO 13.1 Regularly scheduled programming that is Educational and Information for children 13 to 16 years old:

NBC Kids launched a completely new schedule of programming, designed for older adolescent children, ages 13-16. Each of the six new shows has a hosted format, featuring non-fiction, informative programming that extends NBC’s iconic The More You Know brand to Saturday mornings. The audience will see and hear inspiring stories about the environment, social change, health and wellness, and community engagement.

Saturday 10 & 10:30 AM
Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dryer is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer will take viewers on an incredible journey to the wildest points on the globe, uncovering the connection between the environment, the wildlife, and the human beings that surround them. Hosted by Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer will reveal a new destination each week, ranging from Africa, Indochina, the Middle East, and many untamed islands around the world. Audiences will come face-to-face with fascinating native animals, some cute and some dangerous, while educating teen viewers with amazing facts about nature and wildlife. Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer gives audiences a captivating look at the symbiosis between all living things, in the most larger-than-life places on Earth.

Saturday 11:00 AM
Consumer 101
is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. Hosted by Jack Rico with the help of experts and scientists from the Consumer Reports labs and testing facilities, Consumer 101 will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the science used to test every kind of product – from the obscure, to the fascinating, to the everyday. Each week, audiences will discover more about the surprising intricacy of product testing, learn more efficient ways to get the most out of everyday items, as well as catch a glimpse into a unique career path in the fields of science and technology. Consumer 101 is an empowering series aimed at giving teens the tools they need to make smarter choices as consumers, exploring the how, where, when, and why we spend our resources so we can all make educated decisions when it counts.

Saturday 11:30 AM
Roots Less Traveled follows two family members, often from different generations, as they gain a newfound understanding and respect for each other on their quest to learn more about their family history. Each week on Roots Less Traveled, a new pair will set out on an adventure to solve a mystery in their family tree. From rumors of a relative who sailed on the Titanic, to stories of homesteaders forging a new path for future generations, our duo discover the truth behind the tales that have been passed down in their family, while our viewers learn the personal stories behind notable historical moments. Viewers will be taken on a literal journey to unique places around the globe, learning more about the culture and history of these significant locations and events that happened there. Throughout this experience, we will witness these family members grow closer as they gain wisdom not only about themselves, but also about how their past has helped shape their present.

Sunday 6:00 AM
Vet Saving Pets is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. Vets Saving Pets examines the interpersonal stories of veterinary professionals working to save the lives of animals in need of urgent medical care. Vets Saving Pets takes place at the Emergency Veterinary Trauma Center in Toronto, one of the busiest veterinary facilities in Canada. Each week, viewers will be exposed to new emergency cases that will teach audiences about a wide array of specialties within veterinary medicine such as critical care, oncology, cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology, dermatology, dentistry, and surgery. Audiences will witness first-hand the dedication and determination of these veterinary specialists as they work tirelessly to save their animal patients.

Sunday 6:30 AM
The Champion Within is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. The Champion Within features the powerful and inspiring stories that exemplify what it really means to be a true champion. Hosted by Lauren Thompson, the series introduces viewers to people who have overcome obstacles while leading transcendent moments from the world of sports. From beating the odds to play the game they love, to giving back to the communities that supported them, the featured athletes will share their own stories and personal triumphs. Viewers will learn the value of good sportsmanship, and the dedication it takes to excel at the highest level. Win or lose, The Champion Within proves that a champion is not only defined by their speed, strength, and agility, but by their grit, resiliency, and heart.

Regularly scheduled programming through WHO-HD Channel 13.2 (Iowa’s Weather Channel) that is Educational and Informational for children 13 to 16 years old:

Animal Rescue
Saturday’s 7AM
Animal Rescue is a weekly half-hour reality series showcasing spectacular rescues of all types of animals. The series focuses on the dedicated people around the world who help sick injured or abused animals. The program also instructs children on the proper care of animals and provides safety tips on how to care for all kinds of creatures in the animal kingdom. The show is aimed at children and families who want to learn about animal treatment, care and protection.

Dog Tales
Saturday 7:30 AM
Dog Tales showcases dogs and dog lovers of all types, providing valuable information about canine health, training, grooming and overall dog care as well as lessons on the responsibility of owning a dog. The show also provides informative segments on various dog breeds and show cases various veterinary experts explaining different issues affecting canines. The series also includes recommended reading lists about dogs, and promotes children’s writing and creative skills with essay and art contests.

Saturday’s 8AM
Pets. TV is a television program that provides educational and informational segments exposing the target audience of young viewers to everything Pets. The upbeat contemporary presentation relates pets to their lives and interests. Pets from everyday to the unique are showcased with educational information that shares how they evolved to become pets and their geographic origins. Professionals share personal experiences of featured animals and/or related products. In these segments the excitement and love of working with pets is expressed. The motivational and inspirational message of each guest empowers audiences of all ages to pursue more information and education about everything pets.

Dragonfly TV
Saturday’s 8:30AM
DragonflyTV is an Emmy® Award winning multi-media science education program combining television, community outreach, the Web, and fun. Produced by Twin Cities Public Television (TPT), creator of the long-running family science series Newton’s Apple, DragonflyTV engages tens of millions of children, parents and teachers in accessible, hands-on science activities. DragonflyTV is designed to appeal to children from diverse ethnic, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds. By modeling and celebrating children’s science capabilities, DragonflyTV shows that if kids can dream it, they can do it!

DragonflyTV’s first step has been to attract children with a TV show unlike anything they’ve seen before. DragonflyTV is broadcast nationwide on PBS stations, and presents real-life science investigations          in a style that captures the attention of today’s media-savvy generation. Against a pop-music soundtrack, children tell about their investigations, communicating the infectious excitement that comes with making their own discoveries

DragonflyTV extends beyond the television screen, offering a variety of standards-based learning tools. A rich, interactive Web site, an annual children’s science magazine, educators’ guides, and other outreach materials are available to schools, homes, community organizations, or any place kids gather to explore, create, and discover.

Educational Philosophy
DragonflyTV’s educational philosophy is echoed in its mission: To give children and scientists a national forum where they can share the excitement of scientific discovery. We achieve this mission by using several complementary media in addition to the TV series: publications for children, teachers and caregivers; outreach targeting underserved children in informal settings; a well-publicized, highly interactive Web site, and downloadable video podcasts housed on iTunes. Our primary goals are to:

  1. Foster a greater interest in science and the process of scientific inquiry among children aged 9 to 12, with special emphasis on racial minorities, girls, and underserved communities
  2. Give children encouragement and the confidence to conduct their own scientific investigations
  3. Provide formal and informal educators with videos that model authentic explorations of science that all children can do
  4. Increase the appreciation of science among parents and other caregivers
  5. Encourage children’s literacy, through the synergy of a television show and a companion magazine
  6. Advance current research in science television.

We realize these goals through the presentation of real kids doing real science. The philosophy of DragonflyTV is rooted in a strong commitment to inquiry-based learning, which is at the heart of current reforms in science education, articulated in the National Science Education Standards. Our particular focus is to model scientific inquiry through real investigations conducted by real children, with a related objective of communicating basic science concepts appropriate for grades 4 through 6. DragonflyTV aggressively promotes diversity and the idea that all children are capable of understanding and doing science.

Biz Kid$
Saturday’s 9 AM
Biz Kid$ is a weekly half-hour series focusing on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for teens, targeting 13 to 16-year-olds. Using a mix of strong financial education tools, dynamic sketch comedy, and inspiring true stories of young entrepreneurs, Biz Kid$ provides important information for future success. Each episode features math, language arts, and social studies as well as teaching teens about money and business.

America’s Heartland
Saturday’s 9:30AM
“America’s Heartland” is a weekly half-hour series featuring everyday Americans and their families, telling fascinating stories across America’s heartland. From learning how to make maple syrup to riding with teenage ranchers, this series explores the various ways of life in the current United States, while showcasing the diversity of how people live and work. Each episode visits several locations and introduces teen viewers to ordinary Americans who sometimes have extraordinary occupations. The series also highlights the history of different regions of the country while providing important facts about each place visited.

Pursuant to the Childrens Television Act of 1990, America’s Heartland satisfies the FCC Children’s programming requirement and can be classified as either core or non-core programming. America’s Heartland serves the educational and informational needs of children 13 to 16 years of age with its program content, including the importance of learning about farming and feeding the world. Teenage students are presented with fascinating stories and introduced to exceptional individuals who operate family farms through America’s heartland.

America’s Heartland as delivered is formatted to allow for no more than 14 minutes of total commercial time per broadcast hour (7 minutes per half-hour). America’s Heartland does not display any Internet web site address or host selling during or adjacent to the program, and is otherwise in compliance with Sections 73.670(a) through (d) of the Commission’s Rules.

Regularly scheduled programming through WHO-HD Channel 13.3 (Antenna TV) that is Educational and Informational for children 13 – 16 years old:

Journey with Dylan Dreyer
Saturday’s 8:00  AM
Produced for children aged 13-16, Journey with Dylan Dreyer will take viewers on a fascinating journey of a lifetime, exploring the world’s cultures and its geographic wonders. Hosted by Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer, each week will feature a new journey, taking audiences from the bottom of the sea, to the tops of mountains, and even outer space. Each episode of Journey with Dylan Dreyer, viewers will uncover amazing facts of nature and awe inspiring manmade treasures.

The Wildlife Docs
Saturday’s 8:30 AM
The half-hour weekly series, The Wildlife Docs, produced for ages 13-16 follows the surprising, exotic, and challenging lives of a veterinary staff that cares for over 2,000 animals. From nutrition to treatments, x-rays to surgery, preventative care to emergencies, this educational and information program will allow viewers to witness a kaleidoscope of wild experiences through the eyes of our Veterinary Team. Unpredictable events unfold giving viewers a glimpse of the enormity, variety, and quality of treatment that sets the standard for animal care.

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin
Saturday’s 9 & 9:30 AM
The half-hour weekly series, Ocean Mysteries, offers a fresh approach to the quest for aquatic understanding by blending stories of fascinating sea creatures, comparisons to popular land animals, and analogies to human experience. Hosted by Jeff Corwin, Ocean Mysteries is produced for ages 13-16 – and beyond -by showing how animals share the same behaviors, challenges and triumphs that humans do. From exciting rescues of abandoned animals to unexpected conflicts in the ‘family dynamics’ of the mingling species, viewers will get to know – and
care- about these heroes, and all of the fascinating life teeming in our oceans.

Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner
Saturday’s 10:00 AM
This is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children. Produced for ages 13-16, this educational and informational program is hosted by wildlife expert Tim Faulkner. Viewers will be provided an eye-opening experience as Tim, animal expert and wildlife park operations manager, showcases the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Audiences will be brought closer to the natural world as Tim explores the habitats and adventures of creatures of all sizes, including a giant Galapagos tortoise, a baby wombat, the flying fox, and even a newly discovered species of birds

Did I Mention Invention?
Saturday’s 10:30 AM
Did I Mention Invention?
is a live action, half-hour television program designed to meet the educational and informational needs of children aged 13-16. Hosted by Alie Ward, Did I Mention Invention? brings viewers fascinating stories of invention while shining a light on everyday innovators. With each episode, Alie will present reports of human ingenuity and inspiration from around the United States– and in some cases, around the world. Viewers will learn about innovators young and old, what it takes to bring their vision to life, and little-known facts about the history and process of invention and innovation. Did I Mention Invention? will ignite a spark within the hearts and minds of audiences, encouraging viewers to try their own hand at creating something new.