DES MOINES, Iowa — A new year brings a new legislative session in Washington, D.C., and plenty of new faces

Republican Congressman-Elect Zach Nunn (IA-03) will be sworn in on January 3, 2023 when the new session begins. He said that the last month and a half after his win over incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Axne has been fast paced.

“Immediately you’re on the road really learning how to become a congressman, so we have gone out to Washington a couple of times now. We’ve met with both Republicans and Democrats trying to learn the ropes, and it’s a little bit like starting freshman year of high school all over,” said Nunn.

Nunn said he plans on staying in D.C. throughout the work week and would fly back to see his wife and kids back in Iowa on the weekends, as well as meet with constituents.

“We’re going to open three offices in the district and have another mobile office. So a bulk of our staff is going to be right here in the state.”

Nunn got into some of the policy agenda for the House Republicans, as the party has control of that chamber with Democrats holding the Senate.

“I think we would really like to see a return to normal order, that means getting back to Washington to stop this proxy vote situation. I think on the last vote nearly half the members didn’t even show up to vote on it,” said Nunn. “And starting off, really not on holding people accountable, but working on pragmatic solutions that are going to help people here in Iowa.”

On the topic of accountability, Nunn elaborated on House Republican support this past session for an investigation into the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“There’s a lot of unanswered questions on what happened in those final days. Why do we still have Americans and Afghan allies sitting in Afghanistan when they were promised evacuation more than a year and a half ago,” said Nunn.