YOUTHFUL LIFE: Yoga Keeps Centenarian Young

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One Des Moines resident credits the art of yoga as the medicine she needs to keep her up and running.

“One reason I feel younger is because I take yoga and it keeps me limber,” says Maurine Diehl.

Maurine isn’t your typical yoga student.

“I’m a hundred; I’m passed a hundred now,” says Diehl.

Along with about a dozen residents at Scottish Rite Park, Maurine takes chair yoga, a class adapted to senior citizens to keep them flexible and moving.

“We are surprised here with the results, because all of them have a lot of challenges with their health, and they tell me I walk because I do this, I can move and stand up and do everything because I exercise,” says yoga instructor, Ofelia Mohr.

As the classes oldest student, Maurine says yoga gives her something to look forward to and keeps her on her toes.

“I come because it makes me feel so good, it keeps me limber and it keeps me feeling well,” says Diehl.

The class which meets three times a week has become a staple in many of the students’ lives, giving them abilities and strength to live without the use of a wheel chair or cane.

“It’s important to be able to get around, and no pain, that’s nice too,” says Diehl.

As for the secret to living past 100, Maurine credits yoga and staying active as two things that have helped her live a fulfilling and independent life.

“I’m still feeling great,” says Diehl.

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