YMCA Offers Chances for Adults to Learn How to Swim

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WAUKEE, Iowa – The YMCA is teaching adult swim classes to make people feel more comfortable around water as summer begins.

According to the American Red Cross more than half of adult Americans admit they don’t know how to swim.

Waukee YMCA Aquatics Director Jackie Kato said one reason why it is important to know the basics when it comes to swimming is that it can save someone from drowning.

“A lot of parents if they see their children struggling they will instinctively go in and try to save their kids. They will realize well wait a minute, maybe I don’t know how to swim. Then we have a situation, which two people are starting to drown or could drown,” Kato said.

According to the American Red Cross drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury death for children and sixth for all ages.

Kato said experts called drowning the silent killer because “People don’t tend to splash when they are in trouble. Some people will panic and splash, but it doesn’t take long for them to get tired and slowly slip under.”

The YMCA’s beginner swim class for adults focuses on everyone’s comfort level. Instructors get people comfortable with getting their face wet and then move on to more advanced skills.

“Swimming skills save lives. Basic life-saving skills include any kind of body of water, we have lakes here, Gray’s Lake is here, we have people who like to kayak, who like to boat on the lake. Anything can happen at any time and it is always a good skill to learn,” Kato said.

There are two four-week swim classes adults can take this summer. To learn more information, click here or call your local YMCA.


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