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CLARION, Iowa — For several years the Tractor “Big Bud” has been a resident at the Heartland Museum in Clarion. It was one of dozens of tractors. But now the behemoth, is leaving.

“You have to realize that this Big Bud was the only one built and it’s in Guinness’s book of world records at the largest farm tractor,” said Robert Williams, one of the brothers from Montana who own Big Bud.

“Haven’t used it for over 10 years it’s been back here in Iowa Illinois Iowa area on tour and in the museums in various spots,” said Randy Williams the other brother who is owner of the tractor.

After having been parked for a while the brothers are taking Big Bud back to Montana. But first some new tires.

In a promotion which was slated for the Farm Progress Show, new tires were made for the one-of-a kind tractor, by Titan Tire under the Goodyear brand.

“The tires on Big Bud we are the original tires, they’re essentially just rotted out,” said Scott Sloan of Goodyear/Titan Tire. “This tractor was built in ’77 they couldn’t repair the tire and wheels, so we had another company modify the wheels and obviously it’s a pretty neat unique bolt circle.”

The Williams brothers did not get to drive at the Farm Progress show this year, however they will test out the new tires, on their farm in Montana.

“Fact is we are going to take it back to Montana and we’re going to try them out and see what works and maybe get creative and use it for some various things,” said Randy.