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WAUKEE, Iowa  —  There’s a new facility in town that’s meant for athletes, but it’s also for people who just want to train like athletes.

The classes at D1 Sports in Waukee are meant to do just that.

“Boot camp is high metabolic, total body conditioning,” explains General Manager Garrison McLagan, “but this place is pretty neat because parents bring their kids and it’s a one stop shop. Kids do sport-specific training and parents work out, as well.”

Kids from ages 7-11 are called ‘Rookies.’ “Then it’s developmental training for 12-14 year olds,” McLagan says. “Prep training is for 15-18 year olds and then we have two adult groups: boot camp and strength class.”

This place isn’t just about exercise; it’s also about character development.

“Every month we have a different focus, and after class we highlight one kid or one person that exemplified that word the most and that’s our focus every month.”

January was respect, February was honor, and this month is dedication.

“Whenever you come here you’re going to get a hard workout, but also a super positive environment and character development.”

If you’re interested in D1 Sports, check out the website.