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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  You’ve heard of spin classes and you’ve heard of yoga, but now some new classes are popping up that combine the best of both.

Cycling classes are a great cardiovascular workout.  They’re also good for building the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.  But those muscles can also get awfully tight on the bike.

Caryn Lee Meeks, an instructor at Power Life Yoga, says that’s one reason the fusion classes are so popular.

“You get your cardiovascular in, but then you also get to stretch it out.”

The 25 minutes on the bike are made up of several high intensity intervals in and out of the saddle.  They’ll get you sweating and “road ready” in no time.

“If you’re looking for a compact time period to really get a workout in, come in here.  It will get you in great shape for the road,” says Meeks.  “You’ll think it’s easy on the road.”

The cycle segment of the class is followed by 20 minutes of yoga.  The emphasis is on stretching and breathing.

“We want to ease into the stretch, not force the stretch to happen.  So, a lot of that comes back to breath.  If you’re holding your breath while you’re stretching, you’ve gone too far,” says Meeks.

This kind of cool-down also brings the body and mind back into balance.

“I just think it’s a great combination of two formats that really help people feel great when they leave.”