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DES MOINES, Iowa — A local woodworker is trying to ease a growing problem in Iowa with his craft.

Aronson Woodworks makes its furniture from ash trees that were chopped down to prevent the infestation of the destructive emerald ash borer.

The city of Des Moines sends a lot of its logs to the company free of charge. Normally, the logs are used for firewood or chipped into mulch.

But this arrangement works well for both parties. The owner said he prefers to work with ash trees.

“I worked in a 19th Century shop back in 2004, and that was always our favorite wood to work with then. I’ve just always been interested. It’s got such a pronounced grain and all that,” said Clay Aronson.

The emerald ash borer digs into the bark of ash trees, depriving them of nutrients, and eventually killing them.

To learn more about Aronson’s work, visit the shop’s website: