Woodward-Granger Students Getting Haircuts for a Good Cause

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GRANGER, Iowa  --  For the third year in a row, students at Woodward-Granger Elementary are cutting their hair for a cause. They host a haircut assembly in their school and donate the hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, a charity that makes wigs with donated hair for women and children with cancer.

For many of the students,  like 4th grader Greta Janssen, donating her hair was a way for her to help her aunt, who lost her hair to cancer.

“I think it will make her happy because she sees all her friends and family with hair and she feels like her hair just left her,” Janssen said.

It all began two years ago when then 4th grader Sawyer Genkingeer and his friends wanted to do something to help someone in need, they didn’t have any money but they did have eight inches of hair.

“We decided that we would have to do a lot of fundraising if we wanted to get money so we decided everyone can grow hair so we decided growing our hair and then donating it would be a good idea,” Genkingeer said.

In the last two years the students at Woodward-Granger Elementary have donated nearly 30 feet of hair.

“I have a lot of hair to donate and I want to give it to people that need it more than I do,” 4th grader Hannah Henry said.

The school did their research and chose to donate the students' hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths because the donation length requirement was only 8 inches instead of the 10 inch length requirement of many other hair donation charities and recipients don’t have to pay for their wigs.

“Small things can make a big difference and it means so many things to them, they’re small people, they’re elementary students and it makes a big difference and to give a gift that comes with no strings attached means so much to them,” Woodward Granger Elementary School Counselor Jenna Tweeten said.

Sixteen students and two staff members will donate their hair on March 30th at 2:30 P.M.


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