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The children of inmates at Mitchellville prison will still get a gift from mom this Christmas thanks to the Salvation Army.

Volunteers wrapped presents for the Prison Toy Lift, Monday.

In October, the inmates at the Iowa Correctional Facility for Women picked out one gift for each of their children from a catalog.

They then wrote a letter to each child to include with the presents.

The gifts will be delivered to the children before Christmas without an indication of who organized the delivery.

“The program is a blessing for the kids,” Salvation Army Major Betty Yockey says. “It’s hard being away from mom. Some of them are in foster care or with people they don’t really know. To get a gift from mom, there’s nothing on the package that says it comes from the Salvation Army, as far as they know it came from mom.”

Yockey says the motto of the program is, “it’s not the kids’ fault.”