DES MOINES, Iowa — An iconic Des Moines pedestrian bridge now looks a lot more vivid at night.

Crews finished installing a new LED light system in the Women of Achievement Bridge in the past few weeks. The new and improved lighting, which replaces the system in place since the bridge opened in 2008, had been under construction since this spring.

The new red-green-blue (RGB) floodlights allows the bridge to be illuminated in nearly any color. New color-changing lights are also in place at the bridge’s center walkway.

According to the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department, which manages the bridge, the new lighting system cost $165,000 to install. Members of the department are enthusiastic to see the improvements in action.

“The bridge is iconic in its own way, shape and form,” said Jen Fletcher of the Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department. “To be able to illuminate it brightly and in different colors will really make a nice addition.”

The city will open up requests for bridge colors to members of the public. However, the process to reserve a certain color for a certain time requires a fee and a special permit.