Women for Biden Hope to Gain Traction with Swing Voters


DES MOINES, Iowa — Women backing Joe Biden for president are hoping issues like the affordable care act will sway undecided voters to vote blue.

Former attorney general Bonnie Campbell, former lieutenant governor Sally Pederson, and state Rep. Kristen Sunde, along with a few others gathered outside the Capitol Thursday morning to express their concerns about President Donald Trump getting re-elected.

“We have tens of millions of people with pre-existing conditions and I am one of them,” Campbell said. “If the Affordable Care Act went away…those people would not have access to healthcare.”

The group said they hope that other voters, especially women, who are concerned about losing the ACA will vote for the Biden/Harris ticket.

“Joe Biden will build on the Affordable Care Act, not take it away,” Sunde said. “He will give Iowans choices and work to reduce costs.”

Pederson said she is hopeful these issues, along with the president’s rhethoric, will cause some Republican voters to flip, too.

“I’m optimistic. The people I talk to, women and men, are voting [Democrat] even if they have been lifelong Republicans,” she said. “We saw suburbs here in Iowa flipping and I would look at that as an indicator.”

In the most recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll, women polled stronger with Biden than Trump. Trump leads by 21 percentage points with men, 57% to 36% over Biden. And Biden leads by 20 percentage points with women, 57% to 37% over Trump.


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